01 September 2015

YesStyle Order #7 Fashion, Perfume and Skincare Haul & Review

YesStyle Order Fashion Perfume Skincare Haul Review beauty blog blogger canmake innisfree etude house collar honey
Super happy with these items!!
YesStyle had this super sale going in July so I've bought some (epic) stuff and after receiving this I've bought some more ...That post will come soon after this one ;) Seriously I didn't think I would love the items I got so much! :D These items will get written review without extra swatch pictures because it's kinda obvious, right ;)

About the prices
So YesStyle has items so often in sale, also prices go up and down so often it's hard to keep track of what they costs at the time I write them down. Tomorrow they can go into sale again and so on. So new plan; I'm going to write down with every product what I've paid for it so you know how low they can go :)

YesStyle Order Fashion Perfume Skincare Haul Review beauty blog blogger etude house Body Maker Hot Massage Oil
Etude House - Body Maker Hot Massage Oil
$13.24 / 160ml / Link to product
Body Maker is formulated to firm and moisturize the body for a soft yet tightened sensation. Body massage oil contains Argan Oil for skin softening and nourishing benefit.
How to use
Apply to areas of the body by massaging into skin.

Not sure yet...
So actually this is the only product I'm not sure about yet. I knew this product is from an old Etude House collection and the date it was made said somewhere late in 2013, plus on the back it said it would expire 12 months after opening. I wanted to try this out with my Body Maker Hot massage Assistant, But before that I want to try this product out on the inner side of my wrist. Just in case!

YesStyle Order Fashion Perfume Skincare Haul Review beauty blog blogger canmake Make Me Happy Eau de Toilette #Pink Grapefruit
Canmake - Make Me Happy Eau De Toilette - Pink Grapefruit
$13.26 / 30ml / Link to product
Feel happy in the melting sweetness of juicy fruity scent. Wrap your body in a scent that lightens your heart. Enjoy the changes of fragrance from top, middle to base notes, in a true eau de toilette. The sweet and sour fragrance of pink grapefruit makes your heart skip a beat. The sweetness of the pink flesh and the bittersweet scent of the peel form an exquisite combination that creates a delicious fragrance that you'll want to carry with you always. 
The scent
Top Note Pink grapefruit, Valencia orange.
Middle Note Grapefruit peel accent, sour fruit mix.
Base Note Herb leaves, cotton notes.

Epically soft and fresh!
I've read the short review on the website saying it was super strong, not sweet and it's like a wake-up slap... so I was like; I have to try this! I truly didn't believe this review. Grapefruit is my favorite scent for perfume I've discovered so I'll love it! The Scent is so pure and heavenly. If you ever had the grapefruit Memebox and remember that epic grapefruit mist.. well it kinda smells similar, but softer and more gentle. Plus this bottle is super duper cute and pretty!!

YesStyle Order Fashion Perfume Skincare Haul Review beauty blog blogger innisfree Canola Honey Pack & Cream royal
Innisfree - Canola Honey Pack & Cream
$14.97 / 100ml / Link to product
A dual pack & cream that helps to create an elastic honey-kissed skin from deep within with its enriched hydrating and nourishing ingredients.
How to use:
Cream: Following the usage order, apply an appropriate amount and softly smooth over your face and neck.
Sleeping pack: Apply twice the usual amount of cream and gently massage to allow formula to absorb.
Wash-off pack: after cleansing, apply an appropriate amount and massage.

Honeylicious product, need more!
In me second order I've got more :D I've checked the date on the bottom and it said it was made late in 2014 and fine for 12 months after opening. My new one (from the other order) is closed and stays that way until I finish this of course! :D But really this stuff is amazing. It smells so good and feels so woow! Personally i find it a bit too sticky/jelly to wear it as a cream. I find it works better in a thick layer as sleeping of wash off pack. Loving Innisfree more and more!

YesStyle Order Fashion Perfume Skincare Haul Review beauty blog blogger Decorative Collar pearl buttons formal chiffon
Munai - Decorative Chiffon Collar
$8.70 / 1ea / Link to product
This detachable fake collar mimics the look of a chiffon blouse, complete with pearlescent buttons. Side straps hook from the front to back to secure it firmly.

So neat!
I think I own 4 or 5 of these fake collars now, these are truly the best thing you can have! It looks fabulous and you still can breathe ;). This is the first collar that isn't made of cotton. I think this collar really gives a neat classy look to an outfit. I really need to watch myself... I see myself hoarding these :O I love 'm so much!!

I hope you've enjoyed this haul & review, 
stay tuned for the next one soon :)