28 October 2015

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake & Pumpkin Coconut Candle Haul & Review

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Coconut Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween
My first B&BW candles ever!
A while ago I just suddenly just typed in "Bath and Body Works Nederland" in Google and found a Dutch website that actually sells these amazing candles everybody always raves about. I directly told my sister and we filled a shopping cart and ordered!

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Coconut Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween
The epic pumpkin designed lit!
Before ordering I've zombified myself with watching all the pumpkin type candle reviews on YouTube to find the best candle out there. It's a true guess for me, because I can walk into a store and sniff them. While watching those YT videos I found out that these fall edition candles have this amazingly cute pumpkin designed lit which makes my heart melt (pumpkin fan!)

Learned my lesson very FAST!
In the next pictures you see the candles lit, but they were only lit for a minute to take the picture. That evening I've burned them too, but again shortly. Just for fun I've watched some more videos and then I got irritated by people complaining about tunneling. So clueless me searched on YT what that was... LOL almost messed up my entire candles xD 
"LESSON: When you lit your candle, wait until the entire surface of the candle has evenly melted into a "pool" and only then you may blow it out again. If you blow it out to early before it has "pooled" you get a memory print in the candle that causes every next time you burn it, that it lowers but only in the middle and the sides will not melt again, never."
I was in the beginning of my failure and so the fix was very easy and fast. I've wrapped some tin foil around my candle and slightly folded it over the edges to create some kind of dome with a hole in the top. This kept the heat inside, causing the entire surface to melt fast en evenly. Now the surface of my candles are perfectly flat again :)

Where I came from
In the Netherlands we don't really have good scented candles, we do have a few nice ones but I honestly can say now; nothing compared to Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works! We have this brand Spaas and Bolsius that are very basic buy-everywhere candles with sometimes a nice scent but you smell something similar to what they describe but with a big hint of "cheap". Then other bigger homeware stores sell also scented candles these are often better, but light & soft throw or high & chemical throw. So for me taking the step to buy more expensive scented candles that I can't sniff before buying, and people say they are very intense ...It was really scary, but so worth it!!

Throw, Burn, Wick, Pool Review
Throw; These candles have a really intense throw. When you don't burn the candle and have the lit on; you can still smell it 3 meters around the candle. When you have the lit off the entire room smells like the "cold sniff". When you burn it, the entire house smells like that candle xD. When you've burned it in one room with the door closed and the next day you open the room the entire house smells again of the candle you burned the day before. So yes a strong throw ...but it's not suffocating at all!
Burn; When you lit the candle it makes a tiny sparkle sound and then the flame rises into a beautiful straight strong flame. It hardly moves, maybe if you run around it it will move. I always had to babysit my candles but these really behave so good.
Wick; When I blow them out I directly lick my fingers to softly squeeze the wicks dry, While I do that; I softly pull up to take away possible mushroom shaping in the wick. These wicks badly want to grow mushrooms so outs mart them ;)
Pool; These candles create very nice pools, never seen candles do this before :P It takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the entire surface to pool. 

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Coconut Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween
Bath & Body Works - Pumpkin Cupcake
$22.50 / 3-Wick Candle / 411g / 25-45 Hours
Satisfy your sweet tooth with the scent of a freshly baked pumpkin cupcake covered in loads of rich buttercream frosting.

Scent Review
The first scent I'm getting is something super sweet, thinking about it kinda hurt my teeth lol. I think it's coming from the frosting scent. I think it's the sugar scent from the frosting. Then in the middle I smell something soft and cozy, my guess that it's the baking scent in it. And after that I smell something sweet, not sugar sweet but more happy sweet, with a hint of vanilla? I think the pumpkin scent is within the baking warm cozy baking scent. So that is what you get when you cold sniff the candle. When you lit it all the scents are "put on the store". The super strong sugar frosting scent melts together with the baking scent which makes it much more pleasant to smell. It really takes these strong edges off and makes the entire candle cozy and edible! When I smell this I really think; why can't I eat it?! Honestly never smelled a candle so yummy in my life before!

Bath And Body Works Pumpkin Cupcake Pumpkin Coconut Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween
Bath & Body Works - Pumpkin Coconut
$22.50 / 3-Wick Candle / 411g / 25-45 Hours
Enjoy a fall treat with a touch of the tropics in a blend of toasted coconut, spiced pumpkin puree and a dash of vanilla.

Scent Review
This was the second candle I cold sniffed and I kinda regret I've bought it (at first). When you cold sniff the candle you smells a very strong weird artificial coconut scent mixed with expired vanilla or something. No warm pumpkin kind scent to find. What to do, what to do? Holding my heart and I lit the candle... after a short time my room was filled with this epic scent I really didn't expected. What I smell when burning the candle is a very warm pumpkin-like fresh baked cookie with fresh and pure coconut on it. And somewhere in that cookie scent I smell a bit of vanilla extract scent. On the picture it says some kind of cake, but it's really a nice warm baked cookie scent (not buttery or sugary!) This candle really surprises me and I'm so happy I couldn't choose when filling my shopping cart which made me bought both xD

Bath And Body Works Purrfect potion pumpkin anti bacterial hand gel haul review

Bath & Body Works - Purrfect Potion
$1.75 / PocketBac anti-bacterial Hand Gel / 29ml
A bewitching concoction of pumpkin, spicy cinnamon & hypnotic vanilla

It feels nice on my hands, absolutely not drying. It has a nice spicy vanilla scent, I can't find the pumpkin note. And the other two are mixed together into a other scent. It's nice but the scent is also strong and tingles. Not my favorite product from Bath & Body Works, I stick to the candles :D

Collectors Company Shop review
On the website you see a lot of Disney but at almost the bottom of the menu you'll find your candles. To pay is very easy and you can choose whatever you like, even Paypal :) The customer service is fast and very polite. They ship your products out as fast as they can so you can have receive it within the next 2 days. They wrap their candles super good. Bubble wrap at the bottom, loads of bubble wrap around the candle and then bubble wrap on top. Also they wrap a nice pink plaid around the boring cardboard box which makes you smile like it's your birthday. I really recommend this shop to get your Bath & Body Works candles in the Netherlands!

I hope you've enjoyed this review and found it helpful.