28 October 2015

Candysan Favorite Japanese Candy Haul & Review #7

Candysan favorite Japanese Candy Haul Review pretz salade salad tomato Copan Garlic salty snacks
My forever favorites!
I always shop at Candysan to find the best and newest delicious candy from Japan. These are my all time favorites and I'll always add when I order. This is a short post where I tell you where I review these again! Enjoy :)

Meiji - Copan Garlic
$1.16 / x12 / Link to product
Small crackers with garlic.
Candysan Japanese Candy food snack Haul Review meiji copan garlic
This is the seventh time I've bought these crackers, I absolutely love them! They taste like a true original crackers with lovely garlic on them, but no overdose of garlic. I eat them always as a treat on Friday when I watch the TV series: The Originals! Btw you do need a sip of water at the end, because they are a bit salty; but again not overdosed with salt :) I love them forever!

Glico - Pretz Tomato
$1.16 / x2 / Link to product
Red tomato and green vegetables flavor biscuit sticks.
Candysan Japanese Candy food snack Haul Review glico pretz salad salada tomato
These taste so good! I never thought I would love them so much! So This is the second time I've bought these. They remind me of my mother's tomato soup dipping salty breadsticks in there :) A new forever favorite.

Glico - Pretz Salada
$1.16 / x2 / Link to product
Salad and salt flavor biscuit sticks.
Candysan Japanese Candy food snack Haul Review glico pretz salad salada tomato
I absolutely love these! Again I never thought I would ever love something with a taste like this in the beginning, but I do! :D The salad taste is so good and soft. I must say these are really salty, so salty your lips feels weird after xD But the taste is so super duper worth it! I put these with every order I place :D

Candysan Japanese Candy Haul & Review torotto country maám crispy choco baumkuchen otona petit puku puku tai copan hellot kitty apollo m&m rilakkuma 2
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Stay tuned for more candyfun!