31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

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My Pumpkins
I wish you all a happy Halloween! I've carved these two pumpkins today and I'm really happy with the result! They burn really well and don't show burn marks so we can enjoy these for some more days before they really die. Further more...

Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Today I wanted to bake the cupcakes again, but the taste is so powerful and delicious. I didn't want to overload us with the same taste and risk we might don't like it anymore. So I made pumpkin spice cookies with the same frosting and omg they are delicious!

Ouchy finger, can't blog...
This post is a short one because; yesterday when I was chilling with Jofee and he was eating his bone on my belly... which I was holding... My pointy finger got stuck between the bone and his teeth by accident :(. There was blood and I felt super dizzy 'cause of the pounding pain ;'(. So today I baked the cookies in pain, carved the pumpkin in pain, enjoyed Halloween in pain... So I think that's enough for today, right ;) Had another candle haul/review planned and more, but I want my finger to heal first.

I hope you have/had a wonderful Halloween!