22 October 2015

My NEW Tumbler & Daily Life Updates

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♡ 100% perfect ♡
At the end of September I've bought this super fabulous tumbler and it's been my best tea carrier buddy since! In this post I'll tell you why and how life has been these days. Sometimes I forget to blog ...blame autumn ;)

My NEW Tumbler.
So I've bought this tumbler at Xenos (a Dutch homeware-decor-diy-kinda store) and it was discounted to €3.49. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it! It reminded me of the pretty hot pink "My love from another star" used in lots of Cheon Song Yi outfits and makeup. I drink tea from it every night before I go to sleep.

About that tea
Since it's autumn it's much nicer to drink tea and I really drink it so often now. The tea flavors & types I drink; Camomile, honey & vanilla tea, Organic herb relax tea, Organic herb sleep tea, Autumn tea, Apple pie tea, and Chai tea. Shortly I found out I love Chai tea, which is late if you follow trends lol. My sister always drinks it with milk which I don't like... never tried it without ;) A lot of these teas are sweet by them self so when I drink them before bedtime I don't add sugar and they all are very nice without too. But why do I drink tea before bedtime...

How's my jaw, pain, troubles etc?
The left side where I got my two wisdom teeth removed is perfectly healed and no pain left! Sadly the right side of my jaw still hurts pretty bad a few times a day. Luckily I'm pretty aware of what causing it, don't know why I have this now, but I'm aware. I tighten my jaw when I sleep and random moments in a day. This tension creates pain, mostly they say it's from stress but I'm super "Zen" lately.. so maybe a new created bad habit? I'm constantly aware when I eat and how I eat, drink lots of tea to always keep me calm in my mind and body, and tell myself before bedtime to relax my mouth. All this really helps and I'm off the 600mg painkillers (only take them when it's killing me which hardly ever happens now). So before bedtime I take two painkillers of 200mg and 2 times a day(sometimes 1) of 200mg. Only thing that causes extra pain is cold air. So riding my bike with autumn weather creates pain and every time after I brush my teeth. So I'm on a quest for mintless toothpaste lol :) And I need to wear a scarf when riding my bike. so as you can see I feel much better and trying to get this pain thing under control! :D

 I've spend 2 entire days trimming Jofee. I trim him myself with thinning scissors. He looks super cute and super young again. He also needs and wants lots of attention and cuddles, because after trimming (2 days) he gets super clingy. Last time it was in April so the weather was nice. Now his hair is short in autumn so he sleeps on a cushion on the cough under a thick blanket. He totally loves it, I'll soon spam these pictures on my Instagram.

Blame autumn
Lately I see I keep making tiny time gaps between my blogposts. I don't do this by purpose or laziness. I have so much stuff to do that I want to do :P Trimming Jofee, Still reorganizing my room, decoration for fall & Halloween, shopping beauty products, shopping fashion, shopping candles. watching lots of series, check here which ones under currently watching. Making candles myself for the first time, Repainting bad or broken off pain pieces on my window frame. Have to make the garden winter ready. Taking time to wear sheet masks ...and living :) So sometimes I just forget to blog and when I remember the day is already past. Still have lots to share and soon also candles!! :D

Which actually just reached 101 repeats by me! It's an official repeat song!

Now it's time to drink some Chai tea and shop some more candles!
I wish you a wonderful evening or day.