06 November 2015

MaskGenie - September Pouch Review

MaskGenie September Pouch review
My first MaskGenie pouch!
September ...better late than never right ;) I always said I didn't like masks, but since a long while now I started seeing the magic in them. Now I'm hooked and use masks quite often! Let's review this pouch! :)

*I receive this MaskGenie Pouch as compensation for helping Eugenie from MaskGenie by creating pictures for the MaskGenie website*

MaskGenie September Pouch review DiaForce holika mediental etude house mask pack simply sam tin dr morita my scheming nature republic
MaskGenie Monthly 10-Set Pouch
$23.50 / Shipping costs incl / 10 masks
The MaskGenie Monthly 10-Set Pouch comes with 10 different types of masks from Asia, which care for your skin from head to toe. The prices are shipping included. All Monthly Pouches will be shipped out on the 10th of each month. If you like to receive your pouch on time, then order before the last Friday of each previous month. 

Almost all text on these masks are in Mandarin and Korean which I can't read. So I'll do my best. Also not all masks are used yet, because I use masks according to what my skin asks or what the weather is like. Some have a review and some I'll tell you what I think of it before use.

MaskGenie September Pouch review DiaForce Ruby Hydro Ampoule Gel Mask Simply Aqua Moisture Mask
DiaForce - Ruby Hydro Ampoule Gel Mask
From Korea
The Ruby powder will brighten the skin and make it more lustrous. The niacin amide content helps to purify, whiten and moist the skin. Well that sounds like a winter mask for me. Fancy and brightening :D I always love to use whitening product in winter time to give your skin that extra white boost before heading into next year's spring and summer. Super curious but I'll put it in my December Mask box!

Simply - Aqua Moisture Mask
From Taiwan
This mask has Rice Bran, flower leaf, willow bark extracts. On the back it says "anti aging program", To me this often means good moisture masks. When I received this pouch I didn't used all masks yet because the weather didn't fit yet and I could over moisture my skin (which leads to bad results). Since we've turned on the heating the air is getting drying, and my skin with it. I'll be using this mask very soon, yay!

MaskGenie September Pouch review Mediental  Acai Berry Broccoli Pumpkin Mask Pack Royal Oriental Medicine Thermal Water
Mediental - Acai-Berry/Broccoli/Pumpkin Mask
From Korea
This masks works to smoothes and cleanses your skin with Centella Asiatica, broccoli extracts and more. Suitable for sensitive skin. When I see Broccoli beauty products I always say; yes! But I actually never ea that stuff, Just love the fresh scent of it in skincare! This sheet mask indeed smells sooo good and fresh! The essence felt very soft on my skin and didn't irritate at all. My skin felt very nice and healthy after. I always recommend vegetable sheet masks ;)

Mask Pack - Royal Oriental Medicine & Thermal Water
From Korea
I have no clue for this mask, but it sound to me like there's maybe ginseng or something fermented in there, but I'm not sure. I'll be using this mask this month for sure, because it doesn't calls winter to me, more autumn :) Super curious, I'll be using it this week!

MaskGenie September Pouch review My Scheming Crystal Whitening Brightening Eye Nature Republic Skin Smoothing Blackhead Removing Nose Patch
My Scheming - Crystal Whitening Brightening Eye Mask
From Taiwan
All info is in Korean. I think this eye mask will simply brightening and will feel very fresh and a good mask to wake you up... I'll be using this eye mask tonight to stay awake while watching The Originals and The Vampire Diaries  lol;). Kidding I really also do need that little pick me up since I haven't been sleeping well.

Nature Republic - Skin Smoothing Blackhead Removing Nose Patch
From Korea
It removes pore impurities, blackhead and sebum. Soothes sensitive skin. I've used this patch but got 0% result and it kinda only hurt a bit. I hardly ever use nose patches because it hurts, but I always want to try them :p. I was thinking why I got nothing out... I don't have so much of gunk in my pores since I use a lot of stuff to keep my pores clean and always wash my skin with my Clarisonic. 

MaskGenie September Pouch review Sam Tin Platinum Essence Facial Mask Dr. Morita Revitalising Essence
Sam Tin - Platinum Essence Facial Mask
From Taiwan 
This is an anti aging mask and it talks about nourishing cells forming in the layers below. Sounds very, very deep moisture to me. I'll use this mask after the blue aqua moisture mask, since to me this one sounds like my skin needs to be in a bit more "drying out trouble" before it accepts moisture like this(my skin hates over moisturizing and will give me milia or breakouts). So a mask for a dry winter day.

Dr. Morita - Revitalizing Essence Facial Mask
From Taiwan
This mask says youthful renewal, could be too rich but the revitalizing + the color of this mask made me think, heal my skin + moisture. Couldn't find anything that clarified that in the ingredients but my skin felt great after using this mask. Soft, happy, calm and "ready for the next day". The scent pulled me back to summer because it has a slight summery / sunscreen scent to it. It's really lovely.

MaskGenie September Pouch review Holika Etude House Hyaluronic Acid Holika Juicy Mask Sheet Blueberry
Etude House - Hyaluronic Acid Mask
From Korea
This mask will provide rich moisture to keep the skin moist. I have a few of these masks already, bought and received as free sample. It's a really nice mask. It gives rich moisture but not rich in a heavy way, more fresh and a lot of it :) I think it's a good mask for every day no matter what season you live in.

Holika Holika - Juicy Mask Sheet Blueberry
From Korea
This mask will give you a vibrant skin. I've been wanting to try out this type of mask for a while now and thanks to this pouch I can, yay! I've waited until my skin asked for the right help to use this mask. Well today is that day, like I said; I haven't been sleeping well, so with the eye mask I'll be also using this mask while watching my TV series tonight. I hope it helps me tired looking skin :)

MaskGenie September Pouch review haul mask pack sheet masksgeniesfavproducts beauty blogger asian
Unmask the skin you've always wanted!
Personally I think it's the best subscription you can get out there; How often you get things you already have with multipurpose subscription pouches/ boxes and you think; pff waste of money (I often thought that with Memebox, Glossybox and heard other people also think that with their subscription "things")
With this MaskGenie pouch you get masks you don't normally see in the average Korean stores, sometimes here and there a familiar mask, but more often masks you never heard of. That doesn't mean they are not good, just not that famous but they can rock your world! I love it!

Don't forget to check out the limited editions ;) This is the Website, InstagramFacebook, and TwitterYou can view all unpouches of the MaskGenie Pouches on Geniesfavproducts YouTube Channel.

I hope you've enjoyed this unpouching review!