15 December 2015

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pie Candle Haul & Review

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pie Candle Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween festive 3
♡ King of BBW Candles 
Again a fall-ish post but I just saw Jamie Oliver's foodtube uploaded a pumpkin cake recipe yesterday (which is almost identical to my pumpkin cupcake recipe) and if they still talk about pumpkins in December, so can I :P Today I'll review for you the king of BBW candles; Pumpkin pie!

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pie Candle Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween festive 3
Amazing rustic designed lit!
I thought I would get the same lit as my previous two Bath & Body Works candles, but i think this lit goes so perfect with the label of this candle. Pumpkin pie is fall/winter dessert which is very traditional and gives you that rustic cozy home feeling, so the lit fits the theme perfectly!

Throw, Burn, Wick, Pool Review
From my experience all my Bath and Body Works candles behave the same (lucky me!)
Throw; These candles have a really intense throw. When you don't burn the candle and have the lit on; you can still smell it 3 meters around the candle. When you have the lit off, the entire room smells like the "cold sniff". When you burn it, the entire house smells like that candle xD. When you've burned it in one room with the door closed and the next day you open that room; the entire house smells again of the candle you burned the day before. So yes a strong throw ...but it's not suffocating at all!
Burn; When you lit the candle it makes a tiny sparkle sound and then the flame rises into a beautiful straight strong flame. It hardly moves, maybe if you run around the candle it will move. I always had to babysit my candles before but these really behave so good.
Wick; When I blow them out I directly lick my fingers to softly squeeze the wicks dry, While I do that; I softly pull up to take away possible mushroom shaping in the wick. These wicks badly want to grow mushrooms so out smart them ;)
Pool; These candles create very nice pools, never seen candles do this before :P It takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the entire surface to pool. (It takes 5 to 10 minutes when you use tin foil right from the start).

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pie Candle Haul Review america candle autumn fall halloween festive 3
Bath & Body Works - Pumpkin Pie
$22.50 / 3-Wick Candle / 411g / 25-45 Hours
Save room for this delicious autumnal blend of creamy pumpkin, whipped vanilla and flaky pie crust that's as sweet as your favorite pumpkin pie.

Scent Review
The first scent that comes from the cold sniff reminds me of Speculaas, which is a Dutch cookie we eat in fall & winter. The way pumpkin pie reminds Americans of home sweet warm cozy homes, Speculaas does that with the Dutch :) The second scent I pick up is this cooked pumpkin scent which is a very addictive scent (ask Jofee!). Then I get this combination of vanilla and crust. These two are on the same scent level. The crust scent is really perfect compared the crust I've made myself for my failed pumpkin pie (pumpkin mixture failed). When you burn candle it's like you are making your own warm pumpkin pie and eating lots of Speculaas :P.Then scent really turns into a freshly warm baked scent. I have never smelled a candle like this before in my entire life. Truly this is such a deep warm bakery scent that I haven't smelled in any candle before (and I have already bought a lot more candles but didn't blog about it yet. I think this candle is unique and you better get it while you can else you might have to wait and entire year before it's available again. Remember: King of BBW candles!

I hope you've found my candle review helpful.
See you in my next candle haul & review!