02 December 2015

Jolse Order #31 Etude House Forest Aurora Nails Haul & Review

Jolse Order #31 Etude House Forest Aurora Nails Haul Review beauty blogger 375 381 376
My favorite colors from this collection!
In autumn I a lot orders came in that are autumn themed. I've done my blog sale in autumn which took a lot of time from me. But I still want to share with you all my lovely autumn inspired beauty items with you, starting with these super cute nail polishes. They are from a fall collection, they are still available and for me the colors are not bound to one theme :) Ready for the review!

Jolse Order #31 Etude House Forest Aurora Nails Haul Review beauty blogger 375 381 376
Etude House - Forest Aurora Nails 
#375 drops of morning, #376 I've drunk wine leaves & #381 firefly disco
$4.98 → $4.13 / 8ml / Link to product
Color Play! Art Play! Texture Play!
How to use
After applying base coat, apply desired color onto entire nail.

Well it you know me, whatever Etude House does, their nail polishes are to die for! Very good quality, very long lasting, perfect shine, fun and beautiful variation of colors in their collections. Currently OPI and Etude House are my favorite brands to buy nail polishes from.
Now what do I think of these colors and why have I bought these. The first color is actually kind of a top coat. You can wear it just with 2 layers and you get this perfect morning dew effect. At first I was afraid it would just be a shiny glittery topcoat, nowhere near a morning dew effect. But this trully looks like morning dew on your nails. Not like real drops, more like fairies walked with wet feet everywhere. It's really magical, I love it! The wine color is truly perfect and I'm super happy it turned out to be the color I wanted. It's always scary to shop nail polishes online, you never know how good the preview pictures are taken. I wanted a very dark classic mysterious red that was good for fall and perfect for December. I truly love this color! The firefly disco color is true magic. When I saw it in the preview I thought: OMG that is a misty/moisty forest in the evening hours where Will-o'-the-wisps are. This color is full of magic and makes me very happy!
I so, so, so recommend you to try these nail polishes :)

Jolse Order #31 Etude House Forest Aurora Nails Haul Review beauty blogger 375 381 376
Jolse is one of the best sample giving shops I know and I think it's so kind of them to give us such amounts of samples. A great way to try out new products! Thank you for the samples again!

Jolse cosmetics korean haul review youtube video etude house wash off pack tony moly egg pore blooming lips princess scrub cute pink cheap products summer
Click the picture above to visit the web shop!
This is one of my most favorite Korean online beauty stores! I recommend you really take look! They have very affordable prices, awesome deals, free shipping worldwide, and they are super sweet!! They have "Happy Together Sale" with 12% off everything + 3% store credit + Extra 5% off Etude House Weekly Sale!!

I really hope you enjoy this haul & review. If you want more, 
don't worry I have more hauls coming and I'll never stop shopping on their website! ;)

See you in my next Jolse haul!