05 December 2015

OPI - Worth a Pretty Penne & My Gondola or Yours?

OPI Worth a Pretty Penne My Gondola or Yours Venice collection beauty blogger nails nailpolish
♡ Birthday gift from my grandmother ♡
My birthday was on August 15th, I didn't know what I wanted from any of my family members yet. Just a few days after my birthday I saw that Jamie Oliver released his Everyday Super Food book and so I've got that :P Because this book was on sale, I had a bit of money left and found these amazing meant to be nail polishes.

OPI Worth a Pretty Penne My Gondola or Yours Venice collection beauty blogger nails nailpolish
Left: OPI Venice - NLV36 - My Gondola or Yours?
Let’s cruise the canals in this luscious black.
Right: OPI Venice - NLV27 - Worth a Pretty Penne
Flaunt your fashion “cents” in this shimmery copper.

Left: I saw so many girls on youtube late in August wearing perfect black deep colored nail polish. Normally black nail polish is a bit dark for my taste and since I wore so many different trends when I was a teenager (from me to wicca to barbie to skater to emo to goth to black fashion bitch to classic fashion bitch to stylish fashion me and to me - I'll probably forget one lol) So when I think of black nail polish I often am scared I look too gothic. This color black is so intense so perfect! It has a super shine finish and there is a deep dark blue to find in there. To me this is high fashion black! A forever favorite!

Right: I think a week before I got this nail polish I've bought this light pink sweater with rose gold text from H&M. Say hello to the perfect nailpolish match :P Not that I've bouth it because of the sweater but I thought it was a fun coincidence. This year I've opened my arms to copper & rose gold things in my life. Since Rose gold Jewelry (even it's rose gold plated sterling silver) looks very cheap and trashy on me, nail polish rocks! Warm colors like copper & rose gold really match my skintone for nailpolish so good :) It's a dream come true this nail polish! 

When I've bought these two nail polishes, the lady who helped me said if I would buy  customer card I would get 10% discount forever on any purchase. (only a small group of brands were not included which were obvious brands like Mac, Benefit, Bobbi Brown etc.) I already planned to get two things from last years resolutions back in action: 1. Buy only things that you know you're gonna use right away & 2. Buy less, buy the best!

These two colors are from OPI's Venice collection and they are in the Netherlands still available in our online shops. I'm not sure if they are available still where you live, but I recommend you try; because these colors are epic!