18 January 2016

Huge HAPPY Updates

snow updates daily life plan new room beauty blogger tooth blog music kpop
That's the first update, I've been wishing for it so badly and yesterday we've got a little! Today I'm going to share with you some daily life updates and some blog/ life changing updates. These are happy updates! :D

Below the Tooth updates
Tomorrow I have to take my last penicillin pill and them I'm done, "healed". Today I've visited my own dentist who's back from her maternity leave. We talked about my teeth a lot not, just the corpse tooth. My front 4 roots are a big concern (super short) and I might have implants one day. Then my "corpse" tooth all the way in the back will probably be removed since she said you'll probably lose it anyway within 5 years since it was already a weak one. I'm okay with this since I kinda want to save that 600 Euros which would costs a root canal treatment and keep it safe for future implants which is way more important since it's for my front teeth. Molars you can miss ;) It helped a lot that that I got so much information, Because not knowing things really stresses me out (control freak!) Also the pain is almost gone, just a tiny big in my cheek but the tooth is painless now. My cheek was quite swollen this week so I stayed at home, on Sunday it went away. So I'm okay and happy with the entire situation, since I have no more jaw pains, can eat on that side again, going to miss a molar that I won't miss, going to safe lots of money. Jup I'm good!

CHANEL Inimitable Intense Mascara noir Review haul high end makeup GIVEAWAY Win winnen winactie beauty blog blogger new year 4
You can still join my Chanel - Inimitable Intense Mascara giveaway! It ends on January 31. The only thing you have to do is subscribe to my blog through email and leave a comment under this blogpost about what you like most about my blog or what you like to see more. You do have to activate both actions in the Rafflecopter application in blogpost, else your entry is not valid.

What's next for sure!
I've shopped and never stopped! I'll count them for you in categories, so you know which subjects and type of blog posts are coming up. These are only the ones I've already photographed, the rest I didn't count ;)
Diet (1)
Music (1)
Korean Skincare & Makeup (6)
Western (4)
Home Stuff (3)
Western High End Makeup (9)
Fashion (3)

On my wishlist
With my teeth etc and the next update, I'm a bit careful with spending much, trying to save a little bit more just for sure. But the things that are on my wishlist are:
- A metal/plastic press cushion foundation; I'm thinking about the Estée Lauder Double Wear Make Up To Go or VDL - Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation. 
- I'm curious about the Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water, I saw on Get it Beauty that it was ranked high.
- Also thanks to Get it beauty I'm quite interested in concealing, just with tiny bits you don;t have to wear a lot of makeup, you can almost all it micro makeup, don't know if that is already an official something. But I'm looking for a good concealer palette with lots of different colors (peach, green purple etc plus skin colors shades) 

snow updates daily life plan new room beauty blogger tooth blog music kpop
My big sister is moving out!
Found this adorable Rilakkuma picture online from by salis
In the second week of February my sister is officially moving out, she and her boyfriend found their own place in the same city. If I would take Jofee for a long walk I would probably reach their home :) So I'm quite happy about that, Now I won't have to miss my sister! :D

The attic
This also means I'm getting the attic as extra room. The picture above here is kind of dramatic, but the theme fits the style I like for the attic (except no dust or spiders lol). I've been watching his TV series: Ripper Street and OMG it's so pretty and beautiful! I want to create the attic in that style from the late 1800, So classic Victorian with industrial vibes. plus just the stuff you find in 2015 like a pc monitor and big daylight lamp set.

Attic plans
I have 3 ideas for the attic. 
First I want to have a fitness area in there, because I have a new music fitness plan and which can turn into a fun hobby! 
Second I want to have a "blog-picture- ready" desk in front of the window (since it's the same side as my bedroom window faces) Then I can take my blog pictures there, so I won't have to tear up my bedroom every time I want to photograph.
Third since I'm on a diet and want to fitness a lot, then after a while I want to start making YouTube videos since that's something I always wanted and here I have the space and silence. (Thinking about favorite skincare/makeup, fashion ideas and special themed outfits, makeup looks, Jofee singing videos, maybe even fitness videos, whatever I like)

The song you need to put on repeat right away!
Since yesterday evening I've repeated it 87 times already! Yesterday evening I've asked my sister's boyfriend if he would mind if I watched this new MV on the TV (since my mom and sister were wearing headphones doing their own thing). H said no, but please no more than that, He likes Kpop 0%. So like 2 minutes after the MV was done and TV was already off, he started humming the song xD Trust me this song is catchy and amazing! I was hoping for a song like this from them for a while now, since their last "Ah- Ah" was not my style. I highly recommend you to listen to this new song! *Update: Wednesday, repeated 294 times!* ...Update inception ;)

I hope you like my happy updates!
See you soon <3