06 January 2016

The Body Shop Body Butters & H&M PJ's Haul & Review

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
Found my love again!
Since 2013 I've first tried the body butters from The Body Shop and fell in love instantly. Then after I while I discovered a way for me to get Korean skincare etc. I've been loving Korean skincare sooo much. I've tried body care products from Korean brands ...but none could match the effect and perfection from the Body Shop body butters!

*Review first!*
To me almost all body butters from them are similar to what they do. Some are more buttery and some more creamy, but oh the moisture they give to your skin. They leave my skin so moist, not sticky, super smooth, not greasy, and absorb well! You don't have to apply daily since this effect lasts 2 days after applying!
The rest you'll read here is mostly scent review and some may have extra info if needed to tell. I hope I can help you figure out the best scent for you. But I must say: the best way to figure it out is to just visit the store yourself and sniff around, since it's all over the globe :)

Why do we moisturize our body?
We often don't like it because it leaves us sticky and we want to dress of sleep after...
but why do we need it....Because our skin is leather... remember! Your leather bag and shoes also needs attention with creams and balms to keep it in good condition. So does your body and that's a "little" more precious that your accessories, don't you think.

My experience
I've slacked my entire life with moisturizing my body; not wanting a sticky body before bedtime or dressing, or too hot, or to lazy, or simply forgetting it. Since I religiously moisturize my body every other day, my skin has changed so much! One day I was playing on the couch with Jofee and I had my legs hanging over the back of the couch, suddenly I noticed my feet where shiny ..."WUT?!" So I touched them, but they were not oily, greasy, sticky or whatever. It was just my skin shining from within. Also my front legs were also shiny in a very healthy movie kind of way. I was super surprised, because this time of year my feet and legs often look like dry deserts. I've so happy with these body butters!

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
The Body Shop - Mini Moringa Body Butter
$7 /  50ml  / Link to product
I've bought this since I loved the scent from the Secret Nature Moringa Seed Collection, I hope this would smell the same. I'm so happy because it does! It's slightly more fresh and out there compared to these Korean skincare items I refer to but so close! It's a fresh and flower sweet scent.  It's a very lightweight scent and it immediately reminded me of flowers in spring. It's really an amazing scent but for me a true spring and beginning of summer scent. So I'll save it when that times comes :D

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
The Body Shop - Mini Cacao butter Body Butter
$7 /  50ml  / Link to product
This is totally different from a chocolate scent, I was confused when my sister told me, know what you buy because cacao butter and chocolate butter is not the same. Cacao butter will smell really different. It does but it's so good. It's a soft and cozy scent. It's not heavy but it's also not lightweight. When I smell it, it kind of calms me. It doesn't smell like chocolate but it does remind you of something like that. It's really nice and somehow more realistic scent to have as body butter than real chocolate scented butter :P Though I would also love me some butter like that too;)

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
The Body Shop - Mini Coconut Body Butter
$7 /  50ml  / Link to product
When I smelled this I was totally in shock or something like that. Because this stuff smells identical to the coconut stuff I eat! I eat coconut chips in my porridge, coconut crumbs in my baking's, coconut-bread broken in peaces to eat as candy... this body butter is really coconut! We sometimes say when something smells so good you just want to eat it and we don't really mean it, it's a way to tell you how good it smells.... this is scary stuff since it really does smell like food. If you would do this crazy blind folded taste test with real food and you'll put this as joke in the game, no one will notice! I have not eaten it because I'm not crazy and scared of chemicals duh... but still this scent... true coconut!

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
The Body Shop - Shea Body Butter
$21 /  200ml  / Link to product
This is i think my favorite scent from the body shop, and I think by  alot since it's always in the bestseller category xD Since I've been using this so much it's kind of weird to tell you what it smells like because to me it's smells like me xD My mom bought one recently too and Jofee was totally "frustrated" because suddenly she smelled like me, super funny! So I'll just say words to come to mind when I smell this,,, best way I think: Cuddles, soft, spa, lightweight, bedtime, all year round, breathable, natural, calming. 
Yesterday I received my Humidifier and Jofee loves it too as you can see in this Instagram picture. In my next Body Shop order (I received a few already lol) I've got a Shea Body Mist and sprayed two puffs in my humidifier since it smelled like stinky new plastic. The manual says you can't used fragrance oils in it, but this was a mist and I checked the ingredient list. Everyone at home (3 other people) also found this scent very delightful and nice! This was btw a repurchase :)

The Body Shop Body Butters Haul Review cacao moringa coconut shea bodycare winter musthave H&M hm pj pajamas 1
PJ Commitment!
Left / Middle / Right
Now I've just linked you to the US site, to change it to your language and check availability; just change the bold part in the preview link: http://www.hm.com/us/product/ into the 2 letters your country uses, mine is NL :)

I've bought these pajamas because I can't really remember, but I'm super duper happy with them now. I know it sounds weird I can't remember, but I never really sleep in pajamas mostly it's a little night gown. Since I religiously started moisturizing my body I directly started wearing my these pj's. and I've noticed my body didn't got stuck against the covers! After you apply you always are a bit sticky but it fades fast with these body butters. I always rush into bed after moisturizing my body and won't wait for it to absorb. So in night gowns you feel your legs stick a bit against your covers, which is annoying! But with PJ's it's not! Well with the first two in the picture it's not, since the third one has shorts :) The left and right pajama are flannel and the middle is soft cotton blend. All these feel so soft and fit perfectly. I feared that the right one wouldn't fit since almost all blouses from H&M needs to be in a size or two larger. I'm often too tall or the front is too small. As you can see in this Instagram picture it fits perfect. The front is perfect, the sleeves are long enough and the entire length is also perfect. So if you are 180cm tall and have trouble finding a blouse pajama, this is the one :P on this picture you also see me wearing the pants from the pj on the left. I combined these to create a relaxed Christmas outfit, since our Christmas is always "do whatever you like" and we don't dress up because it's a time of joy and family at home, meaning your home; so relax :D 

I truly love H&M pajama's and already bought 3 more and 6 are on its way :D 
YES, I'M OBSESSED, no worries xD

I hope you found this blogpost helpful,
see you in my next one!