12 January 2016

The Truth below the Tooth

the trooth below the tooth beauty blogger blog selfie honest
Let's start rambling!
Today I've made a discovery that made me pissed off, really pissed off since it could have cost me 100 times less pain which I had in the last couple of months. You know me; I'm always the loving, smiling person who sees the good in people, even though not all deserve it, I'll always try! But now...

My past 5 years mouth, jaw and teeth story, short version:
1. When I got braces; my front teeth roots shrunk because of their "4 month during" mistake (aka professional torture) Now it hurts when I bite on hard things with my front teeth or the retainer cracks from my wiggle teeth (painful!). 
2. Got a new crappy dentist who kind of dislocated my jaw by making to thick and wrong fillings everywhere in my mouth, ouch, very ouch!! 
3. Got new amazing dentist and she fixed my teeth and my jaw fits again but my right side of my jaw is highly sensitive and easily over stressed. Can't eat hard food anymore.
4. When I get stressed at first I would get tension headaches that last an hour but now I get tension in my jaw which hurts immense and lasts a month and sometimes longer.
5. Got a very  painful experience when I got my last 2 wisdom teeth removed by a butcher surgeon, read here.

The pain is gone, what the pain is back?!
After having removed my wisdom teeth my jaw tension pain lasted a month and then it was gone to 0%, yay! :D Around 7 days ago I woke up in the middle of the night in pain, because of my jaw. I felt I was clenching my jaw and took a painkiller and relaxed. I didn't found it weird because my sister and her partner just bought a home and they both are to move out next month. A huge amazing step but also stressful. I'm hyper sensitive so with my own stress about the subject and theirs it's a bit too much apparently since my "jaw" always knows it first. These past days I've been taking basic painkillers, two of 200mg and only twice one of 600mg that I still had left from getting my wisdom teeth removed.

The worse pain ever
I woke up just fine and happy. Ate my breakfast, while doing so my sister said something to me and BANG the pain in my jaw was there out of nowhere. Then the rest of the day I laid on the couch with pain in my jaw, sometimes worse than other times. Super weird and kind of different from what I normally feel. I've tried all kind of basic painkillers (with time between them) but nothing worked) Then in the evening around dinner I suddenly got major pain, the worse I've ever felt in my jaw! I took a 600mg painkiller and it took an hour to start working. This pain really gave me a fright, it really knocked me on the couch and I only could hold my jaw and kind of moan "ouch". Then after that hour the pain slowly kind of walked off my jaw (Hmm, like how anesthetics work off). Then really late in the evening when I was finally in peace and happily downloading Sims 4 custom content. Suddenly one tooth started to hurt weirdly. the tooth on the right side (where my jaw constantly hurts) all the way in back. Like it was bruised or something. I thought well, everything is weird today, I'll go to bed and this feeling is probably gone tomorrow...

Tooth plays corpse and passes
I woke up and had so much pain in that tooth, again that bruised feeling. I couldn't close my mouth since then the opposite tooth would touch it, that hurt also. I thought Oh no, what's next! I cried since I again saw terrors on the road to come, since It's never an easy road! So I thought to myself, still in bed, let's Google exactly what you feel; Bruised tooth and found this...

First: A little tender to bite on. Sometimes it's OK to bite on the tooth, but sore if you tap it with your finger. (yesterday evening) It feels different to your other teeth. This could also be due to having bitten on something hard, jarring the tooth. A "bruised" tooth generally settles down fairly quickly (wise me and let it rest a night..)
Next: the tooth becomes more uncomfortable to pressure. Feels as if the tooth is being "pushed out of it's socket" a tiny bit. It seems like you can't avoid the tooth, constantly knocking it with the opposite teeth. The tooth is not sensitive to temperature extremes at all. You can drink scalding hot coffee or ice-cold soda, and the tooth doesn't hurt. Weird, huh? There's no pain on hot or cold because the nerve has died. There is no nerve inside the tooth anymore.

The test
Well that is lovely,, but never just trust anything the internet says. But the story of hot & cold sounded familiar because my sister had once told me something about that to know if something was off. I normally can't rinse my mouth with water, only with lukewarm water, else I get super heavy cramps in my jaw. So with a super scared face I took my glass of water which my mom brought when she gave me painkillers... and rinsed my mouth focusing on the right side... nothing :O
Then I kind of knew already that it was bad, now the hot test. Lucky i always have hot oats as breakfast. I always wait for then it's cooled down but this time I ate a spoon of hot oats and pushed it against my painful tooth... nothing :O

Without thinking twice I called my dentist and I could visit that afternoon already. I had to go to another since my own dentist is still on maternity leave. I've told my pain story and that this tooth was known already to be hyper sensitive to hot & cold, and maybe had to get a root canal treatment some day. He said that he knew what was going on and that I probably knew too. But still needed to run some tests. So some painful pressing my tooth, putting nitrogen on a cotton and hold it against my tooth to test how I would react, and taking a X-ray of my tooth. Well my tooth passed his test for being a corpse. He said to relieve some pain I'll make your filling lower so it won't meet the opposite tooth. The dentist gave me new set of 600mg painkillers, a week treatment of penicillin, and said I have to rinse my mouth with a wash I still had from my wisdom teeth removal. Then the 18th of January I had already a checkup appointment with my own dentist, then I would have to talk about what to do about this tooth; root canal treatment or full removal... Personally I wish to keep my tooth since I'm only 25 and I want to keep my teeth as long as I can, but if removal is my best option then so be it.

At home
I feel so much better knowing this weird jaw pain and tooth pain are from something known by dentist and fixable. Also the relieve the dentist gave my tooth is amazing, super happy I can close my mouth. The muscle pain in my jaw is gone since these painkillers work so well. but the tooth pain is still here and knocking constantly. Also these painkillers make me a little weird, like I'm tired but I'm not, I'm dizzy but I'm not, I walk weird but then again I do not. Also constantly feeling pain also tires my out so much. So today I've been on the couch again not sleeping but just hanging and chilling under a fleece blanket :)

I remembered I always look on the X-ray to know what's going on, but I trusted the dentist 100% and forget to look. Then I thought wait I still have my X-ray of when my wisdom teeth were removed in September. I first Googled "tooth root abscess" and looked in images on Google... woops that's gross! So I added X-ray in search bar and tada found lots of abscesses on X-rays. An abscess looks like a black line, spot of gaping whole (if it's big) on an X-raySo then I looked up my jaw overview picture and OH MY GOD!

the trooth below the tooth beauty blogger blog selfie honest
Do you see?!
Why my teeth was hyper sensitive is that my crappy dentist made this huge filling there (that was when the pain started). So when I told the surgeon (when I was getting my left wisdom teeth removed) that he please avoid the right side with his instruments because they were so sensitive. Then he looked at the picture and said hmm maybe you should talk with your dentist why that is sometime...If I then knew what an abscess looked like, I would have told him right there; what the hell is that! Because this is only a small piece of the full picture. (I think it's weird to show my entire X-ray of my jaw, it's kinda naked lol xD.) But if you see the fullsize X-ray, this spot is clearly visible and that butcher dumbass surgeon didn't said a word about it! So hello extra month of pain and now again even more pain and bigger abscess (which luckily said by my dentist today;"it's not very big, quite normal") But still, it was tiny in September!!

I only hate, truly hate two people in the world and you can find them in part 1 and 5 of my short version story. Why do I hate them: Because they hurt me, really traumatically hurt me (physical and emotional), they know it and see it when they do it, and then they do nothing. For part 1 When I confront them they deny what they have done and then they acknowledge the situation, then deny again and sent me off. Part 5 When I say stop and they just go on while I'm in heavy pain. Isn't the word stop the basic rule in life, if you cross it you're wrong?! And then sent me off with a smile.
The damage has been done and something are physical never to be undone. There is nothing that can change that anymore, but this true hate is mostly because after all they've done and knowing what they've done, they never, ever, not a tiny bit, said ... sorry.

The end
So this is a freaking long story, but it helped and calmed me down :) Also the first picture is a phone selfie I just took before writing this blogpost; no makeup and I'm wearing an wrecked sweater (Jofee claimed it) and a Christmas fleece PJ pants and a fleece blanket wrapped around me. This week I'm not sure how much I'll blog since I really have a lot of pain. Also tomorrow it's my sisters birthday, and I really want to try to bake cranberry and white chocolate cupcakes for her and I'm also receiving some H&M packages this week. I normally don't post heavy personal things on my blog, but since I don't keep a diary; this was my best option :) I hope you don't mind!

I hope you've enj... lol! xD
Sweet dreams.