01 March 2016

The Little Mouse + recent update!

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✿ R.I.P ✿
Since my last blog post I wanted to pick up the pase again, but some cute little one scared the hell out of me one day and claimed my desk for a while.

Just sitting behind my desk wanting to write a new blogpost and suddenly next to me I hear this weird sound. Then all alarm bells in my mind go off, because that sound sounds like a mouse having the time of his life!
It turned out he loves the dirt from a certain plant (the one right next to my desk (my desk is next to a window so there was a curtain between us). The poison on the other side of the window was untouched, so I said to my mom. Hahah maybe our mouse is smart and thinks; "hell I'm eating that, it's expired". So then we placed a new box with poison.
Our hearts are always against killing, we rather catch and release in the forest, but with Jofee we don't want to risk it, also Jofee really gets freaked out by the mouse making weird sounds.

This morning when I came downstairs and wanted to let Jofee outside. Jofee normally jumps happy to go out, but he stood still and looked really unsure. Next to the doormat the mouse laid there, breathing very heavy. I picked up Jofee and let him see in a safe distant. My mom picked up the mouse with a cardboard peace and laid it softly in the garden (in a border part with a fence) and then put the cardboard peace as roof over him. We were happy we did that since 5 minutes later it started to hail. 

I feel sad for the little cute mouse, such a pretty animal. 
I'm also happy my Jofee is safe and I can blog again.
Twisted emotions...

Busy & Busy
In the meantime I feel 100 times better, like I've awoken from a hibernation. I feel so active and healthy again! I've cleaned all the storage rooms from the attic, that was a big step for me since I hate spiders so much! Then I decided to declutter en clean the entire house, which is still a current project! Shopping & decoration my room for spring & summer. Getting my wishlists straight to things I really want and need. I've been loving & repeating this song; 혁(Hyuk) - Love Yourself (Justin Bieber Cover), first time ever liking a Justin Bieber song, which is a cover lol :D. I've started to paint the attic white which is first time ever painting a room on my own, yay!

Update 3 March
I've been super busy will lots of stuff; totally keeping up the pase with blogging lol, sorry!
Got 3 H&M packages one day which took me a day to go through en wrap it up again what I didn't want. The next day I finished painting the attic which I did in 6 hours with only a 5 minute cookie pause. the next day I think I went shopping spring decor and the day after I took a break and just had a lazy Sunday. Then Monday I desided I wanted a blueberry shrub in my garden en so my mom Jofee and I went to a gardencenter to shop some stuff. We got the blueberry shrub, 4 young iceberg lettuce plants, Easter branches (Salix babylonica) and some flower seeds. Then I first wanted to trim and clean the garden before putting in the new plants. Sadly 2/3 of our long loved hugely Japanese cherry blossom shrub died last summer, we have no idea why, maybe it's time. So yesterday I've cut 2 of the 3 main thick branches with a saw. My mom helped my catch the branches else they might crush me or the house. Girl power! Today went different as planned but everything turned out okay. Currently moving things in place in the attic again... even though not all is finsihed yet, Jofee really just want to play there again (little attic addict :D)

Soon I'll blog about the amazing crazy epic thing that happened to me a few weeks back!
But before that I want to share some other posts first which will be helpful to read the epic post later on. See you in my next post!