14 March 2016

UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling Haul & Review

UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling shoes boots fashion winter luxury brand fury beauty blog blogger swarovski
My luxury winter boots
Since I started treating myself with some more high end beauty goodies instead of buying everything else, lol. I thought let's treat myself also with some quality winter boots, to just keep my feet warm and pretty :). Since I've already got myself some good functional snow boots a few years back. Let's review these babies!

UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling shoes boots fashion winter luxury brand fury beauty blog blogger swarovski
UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling
These boots are made of twinface sheepskin with a plush wool insole. They are lightweight and have a flexible outsole. Instead of a button they used a genuine Swarovski® crystal. 

Lucky with discounts!
In the Netherlands the price for this shoe was €230 euro's. Due some shipping problems with a previous shoe order (which I'll soon review too) they offered my a 10% off coupon code. Super happy with that because I already planned on buying these. So instead of €230 I got them for €207 with some extra €10.27 since I've shopped through a shopping discount website :D.

UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling shoes boots fashion winter luxury brand fury beauty blog blogger swarovski
On the website Sarenza where I've bought these shoes it didn't said anything about Swarovski®. After I ordered I was curious and checked the official Ugg website. I was super happy to find out about this, since it that means the bling on these boots will be a good quality bling and not some cheap and plastic. I also didn't know that the dots on the label on the heel were also little crystals. Everything reflects so pretty when it catches the light! Also you can flip the sides of the shaft and they a totally different look.

How & why I've chosen these Uggs
I got a little bit inspired by Anna Saccone Joly, which has exactly the same ones. She got hers in 2014, but then I didn't loved them.. yet. I wanted a few shoes that if I wear them they feel like my precious on my feet. Just as when I wear my high end lipsticks. It just that extra bit of love than what you feel the regular stuff. Because I'm such a cold feet person I thought after also seeing my sister walk in Uggs for years now. I might like these too. I knew Anna had Uggs too and actually liked this bailey version a lot more than the basic. They are more playful. 
When I was looking at this website Sarenza, I was looking at the normal Bailey button and found it a bit too boring and the button too dark. It was €30 cheaper... Then I thought: I'll only wear them in winter so the bling matches the ice cold weather, they are pretty matching for Christmas and they just look fabulous! So I've already planned to spend €200 on Uggs, but why not pay 30 more and get the ones I really want. (and then get all the discount  and end up +/- on €200). YES, buy!

UGG Australia Bailey Button Bling shoes boots fashion winter luxury brand fury beauty blog blogger swarovski
Bling Bling
Look how pretty they look then the light shines on the little crystals! I love them so, so, so much!

How they fit
When I first received them, my sister already told me you kind of have to pull yourself in there, since the front stitched line is very tight in the beginning. This will loosen over a short time as these boots will shape around your feet. So I pulled myself in there and my goodness, heaven! I thought let's walk a bit in there to be sure and I'll continue unpacking an H&M order... after a while I totally forgot I wore shoes :) Over time the front stitched line became more loose, but not too loose. I feel when I wear these boots: as if I would wear lovely warm slippers, with much more comfort and support for my feet, and in no way I could slip out of them if I would wiggle my feet.

How I style them
I love to wear these with my favorite deep dark grey jeans (as you see a bit of that one the pictures, lol). These are from H&M and you can see my jeans here, but the washing in their picture are very extreme white. The washing in real like is much more darker and very subtle. Other jeans like these with a skinny leg. I think a regular leg looks weird and messy in these boots. So jeans as tight as possible! With leggings it also looks amazing. This is one of my favorites and bonus it's cheap. You can see my legging here, it's a super soft legging, not see through and have long legs. And I wear them with knit tights I got from H&M, but these I've bought like 2 years back and so not available on the site anymore to link you. They are plain black with a small knitted pattern. So as you can see I love to style them with super tight bottom stuff. For tops etc I just wear anything I like because the color is so easy to match. I wear it with mint, pink, burgundy, black, blue, name it! If you like to see outfits with these boots, just ask :)

Spring is here (looking at my daffodils), but sometimes it's still freezing cold outside (looking at the thermometer which says -1.00'C). So still reason enough to wear my Uggs and blog about them :D

I hope you've enjoyed this post and found it helpful.
See you in my next one!