17 April 2016

Etude House - Cool City Witch Play Nail Haul & Review

Etude House 에뛰드 하우스 Cool City Witch 차가운 도시마녀 halloween 할로윈 Play Nail 홀로그램 Haul Review beauty blog blogger polish warm pink
Just peel off the sticker!
In October last year I've received this but never used it since. I was more into wearing other colors then and I knew this color wouldn't "walk away". Since I think it's the perfect... I'll tell you in the review ;)

Etude House - Witch and the City - #4 Cool City Witch
Between $3.00 & $5.00 / 8ml / Hologram
Special Halloween edition play nail. High pigmented polish with glossy finish. Quick dry.
How to use
After applying base coat, apply desired color onto entire nail. 

Etude House 에뛰드 하우스 Cool City Witch 차가운 도시마녀 halloween 할로윈 Play Nail 홀로그램 Haul Review beauty blog blogger polish warm pink
I really love the Hologram nail polishes from Etude House. They are so pretty. If you don't speak Korean and doubt (even after looking at the picture) if you're buying a Hologram polish, then always look in the description and find this word: 홀로그램 (= hologram). In autumn I was looking fro some neutral pink colors which I could wear all year round, which were warm but lightweight. As you can see on the left test nail, you see Innisfree - Eco Nail Color Pro Real Fit in #163 which looks kind of the same but without the hologram effect. I think they would look amazing together in a nail art! Btw if you want your Halloween nail polishes to look more normal; the lit picture is just a sticker, so peel it off! ;)
About the quality, Etude House is very firm in holding on to their formula's since every hologram nail polish will act, dry and apply the same! never noticed anything different. 
Compared to OPI; they can really f*ck up their formula. Each time a new collection comes out, you are not sure what you'll get. Recently got a bit disappointed by a new polish from OPI. 
Etude House wins it with their steady formula! So if you like a color from the hologram versions, just go for it! recently they came out with the Delicious Strawberry Souffle nail collection but those are top coats and jelly type of polishes. You maybe need 4 coats if you want your nails to be 100% opaque. with 2 coats you will get "see through" nails! I personally don't like look so I skip this collection!
Next Monday I'll be wearing this polish! Yesterday when I planned to wear it I noticed my lips weren't matching, lol! So next week I'll match my lips with my nails, I'm not always doing this(green lips lol xD), but I love to! I'll use the Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick in #08 with on top my YSL lip gloss (haven't received that yet), this will closely give the same effect as my nails! 

I hope you liked this review! 
(It was meant to be short.. lol, got lots to tell)