23 April 2016

I'm visible invisible!

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Behind the Blog
It looked like I was taking a break between March 31 & April 17, but that was not true ;) I was very busy on changing life, youtube, blog and more! I have been very active on Instagram & Snapchat since that wasn't as much time consuming compared to writing beauty hauls & reviews...Let me take you along and explain what's going on ;)

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Healthy food, happy life!
Top pictures are low calorie and bottom pictures are low/medium calorie.
Lately I've been really focused on what I eat, since I want to lose weight and live more healthy! I have some books from Jamie Oliver that have so much amazing recipes, and apparently I can cook very good (0 mistakes!). To eat healthy will take time to prep and I need to fit that in a smooth routine. My breakfast is almost always oats with almond milk, half a banana, chia seeds, blueberries and I "spice" it up with other stuff I find at home. My lunch will often change, but I always want it fresh (recently I also tried out smoothies). So crackers with light French cheese spread, cucumber, tomatoes, light feta, egg, whatever, trying to make it fresh and colorful:D My dinner is never the same anymore, Both these dishes are recipes by Jamie Oliver (Save with Jamie & Super food)It's Butternut Squash Fritters with Marjolein salad & spelt spaghetti with vine cherry tomatoes, baked ricotta and rucola.

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So after I've "finished" the makeover in the attic, I've started my hiit workouts by Lucy. Her workouts are amazing! Also Jofee loves to keep my company when I work out here! Sadly after  a week of workouts I had strained something in my knees... So I did another routine to let my knees rest, and I hurt something in my foot. It was obvious I did something wrong xD. Then I made a move; I went to the gym and bought a year subscription with my mom. We both love it! I mostly workout at the gym for like an hour, 4 times a week. First 20 minutes of mixed cardio, then some mixed strength stuff, and then in the middle of the gym I do a few of my Lucy workouts! Every time I do a familiar Lucy move and add new moves in there every day to learn my body limits. Since then I hadn't got any pain anymore. So this gym thing also takes up time and needs to fit in a routine. Sadly a week ago I had an accident and couldn't go for a while. I think I'll go again this week.
For the attic, sometimes I might not want to go to the gym and I still can work out there. For now I'm going to change it a bit, so it can be super fun play room for Jofee & me (rainy days), and a photo & film room.

youtube editing video march favorites makeup skincare beauty blog korean blogger mint lg
Editing my Youtube video!
This is my first March Favorites video, I know I'm so late! I've filmed this at the end of March and didn't realize I was going to work with a whole new editing program, lol. So yeah that takes time too. Also I realized I só want Adobe After Effects! For now I'll keep this video simple and try to get it done as soon as possible. Still need to do so cutting and adding in close-ups, paste a background tune and some text or something. Upload and done. Then for future videos I'll play with effects etc on videos when they are not time related. I really hope you like it!

crochet hexagon blue pantone plan creative first time beauty blog blogger instagram daily life 2
Hexagon Crochet!
So you know I can knit... now I've taken up the challenge to crochet! I really wanted to make just a plain round cushion case, but then I found a pattern to make a Hexagon!! This was how I started out, and this picture, is how far I was yesterday! Today I have double what I've made yesterday! :D I'm so excited how it turns out! I'm going for a bit a of a Pantone look! This is the first time in my life I crochet! I do crochet mostly when I watch TV series, helps to not want to munch snacks! It's very addictive, I'm going to finish my yarn after this post! :D

VDL Brightening Tone Concealer M101 Etude House Look at my Eyes WH904 haul review  room tour beauty blog korean blogger
Beauty, Beauty and Reorganizing!
Lately I've been shopping lots of new korean makeup, skincare and stuff. I needed it! Got myself some items from brands I'm unfamiliar with, it was scary but so worth it. Also found my most favorite eyeshadow ever and I hauled & reviewed it quickly on my Instagram. I couldn't wait to use it, it's so pretty. I'll buy more since I'm going through it fast :P, then I'll probably make a proper review about it on my blog. Also my room drove me nuts and so I started reorganizing everything. Not just cleaning, but really going hardcore! The middle picture was still in my clean face... wait until you see that part now! Maybe I'll do a room-tour-whatever-video when I'm done. I'm so, so, so happy with how my room is starting to look!

bruised foot ouch fall down the stairs pink cushions fluffy beauty blog blogger instagram daily life
I fell down the stairs
When I was happily walking down the attic stairs with all my daylight lamps in my arms, ready to photograph my new Korean goodies I've bought. (The attic stairs didn't had carpet parts on them yet, so it was just plain slippery wood.) I slipped and hit my bottom part of my foot on the edge of the last step, then scraped the entire bottom until I stood on the floor... OUCH! My mom called upstairs if was alright, I answered: "I dunno". I sad on the floor of my room and started watching the bottom of my foot... it was moving on its own! Super freaky! My mom got a me a cool pack and I sat on my bed for 30 minutes. After those 30 minutes my foot was quite swollen. So I sat on the couch downstairs, foot on a cushion on the table, and a laptop with Sims 4 on my lap :D. I lived 3 or 4 days like that, then I felt I could walk better again. I'm lucky the bruise/swollen part is in the middle part of my foot, so I actually don't really walk on it. When I'm tired it hurts more still. I hope my foot is soon completely healed! :) BTW yesterday I placed carpet parts on the attic stairs, it will not happen again :D

Needs a routine
So as you can see; prepping healthy food, workout out, beauty shopping & photographing, blog writing, youtube editing, reorganizing room and attic, crochet, healing foot. Then daily regular stuff, Jofee, Jofee, Jofee, Jofee, Jofee x100, gardening, chit chat with people, shopping, cleaning, skincare & everything-care, makeup, etc etc etc, Oh and sleeping on time!
All those new things need to fit in my "oh so smooth" daily routine, lol! I só do not have a smooth routine! The beginning and end are well "routined", but everything in a the middle is chaos, and I'm a rebel when it comes to plan and writing it down. It needs to become natural and everything will find its way during the day. for that to happen, guess...
That takes time :D

I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my life behind my blog.
I see you in my next... blogpost, video, insta pic, snap ;)