17 August 2016

Lein's - No Tone Lip Balm Bar Review + DIY

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Best DIY ever!
As you may have read in my previous post: Laneige - Two Tone Shadow Bar, I totally didn't liked how the product worked in its packaging. So I've done a little DIY with the product and got 2 new cool items. The only thing left was this empty beautiful packaging. Why not make a new product for this too?! Are you ready for my DIY + Review?!

My Lip Balm DIY
A heat resistant bowl or jug.
A bigger pan than your bowl or jug.
Something to stir with (I used 3 wooden skewers taped together).
A container or more to storage lip balm.
A knife or grater for your beeswax (or patients)
Table spoon & teaspoon

Ingredients +/-
2 tbsp of beeswax (SPF15)
2 tbsp of coconut oil (SPF8)
2 tsp of almond (SPF5)
1/2 tsp of vitamin E oil (SPF 3)
5 to 10 drops of essential oil

* Optional 1. for extra moisture
1 heaped tsp of cacao butter

* Optional 2. for color that does tint
1cm chunk of Lipstick or creamy lip gloss

* Optional 3. for fun color that doesn't tint
One dirty dipped applicator of Korean lip tint
How to get dirty applicator see Optional 2 in "Here we go".
How it works see "Review" part.

* Optional 4. Want no almond oil?
You can switch almond oil for Jojoba oil (SPF4).

Here we go!
1. Cut or grate your beeswax into your heat resistant bowl. I used a glass measuring jug. 
2. Place it into a pan with water. Your water level should only "cover" like 3 to 5cm of the bowl since you don't melt that much product.
3. Bring the water to a bowl but not on high heat, just keep the boiling bubbles alive.
4. When your beeswax is all melted (speed up by stirring a lot) you can add the coconut oil.
5. When both beeswax and coconut oil are perfectly melted together you can add the oil, with will mix very fast.
* Optional 1. You can add the cacao butter and stir until mixed well.
6. Add you desired amount of essential oil, but don't add to much. It's only for scent!
Optional 2. For color that tints take a chunk of lipstick with the size of 1cm and stir it into your balm mixture until mixed well.
* Optional 3. For fun color that doesn't tint. To get enough tint for your balm is to take out the plastic thingy that keeps your applicator clean. Take a nail file or whatever and flip it out. Then dip your applicator back in and you get a super tint covered applicator back out. With a wooden skewer just scrape it off into your bowl with your balm mixture. (Make sure you put the plastic thingy back onto your lip tint. No worries about your dirty applicator; when you put it back in and out it's clean again)
7. When all completely melted an mixed pour into your desired container.
8. Don't move the container anymore until your balm is completely set and hard.
If you have steady hands you can try to put it in the fridge to speed up the process. If you want to pour it into a Laneige bar or something similarly weird. then I advise you to but your bar thingy into a glass and fill the glass with kitchen paper to create the perfect angle to match your bar. To see what I mean check this picture.

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar diy do it yourself Haul Review kbeauty lip balm makeup beauty blog blogger 2
How Optional 2 works: I'll explain what Korean lip tints and similar products do with your lip balm, which I've discovered by myself. They stain and tint the balm directly when you mix it in when all is still melted. Then all its stain "power" is directly used up. You will see little stained dots in your melted mixture. Well that's it just pour it in and done. No matter how much tint you think you put in there. You will not get a balm that tint your lips, only more fun dots :) 
Which color for dots: I'v used the Etude House - Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips in PK013 (still have to review) since I think this color matches the bottom color of the Laneige packaging the best. I really love this color so much, I thought why not create the same color for my balm. Did I know it created only fun dots xD
The color of the balm: As you can see my bar has beautifully peach dots. The base balm color is a bit honey-yellowish from the natural beeswax. You can btw also get white beeswax then your balm would be more white. On the swatch you can see it has no color. Well the only color you see it the 10 swipes while pressing hard on my skin to try and get color. Trust me there is 0% color.
SPF: All ingredients have natural SPF in them, you'll have no troubles in the sun. Your lip balm will have an SPF of 30!
The scent: I've chosen a grapefruit essential oil for my bar balm. Instead of a fresh tangy scent, its more soft and warm since it's mixed with the beeswax, coconut oil and almond oil. Because these ingredients also give a scent, but it's really natural. Note; if you add essential oil it will not be harsh or fresh, everything gets a soft and warm tone to it. Also you only smell the scent when you apply it, it doesn't linger on your lips. It's so nice!
The taste: It doesn't taste like your essential oil. Maybe if you lick your lips constantly, which is super stupid since that dries out your lips xD. But I never ever noticed any taste other than nothing. Since I don't have % need o licking my lips when using this balm. Also when eating I never notice a taste coming from my balm.
The texture: It's a very hard balm, you don't easily mess it up by pressing it against your lips, or when storage in flat container press a finger in there. But even dough it's hard it easily transfers the balm onto your lips. Not with a overload of it but with a delicate thin layer.
The feeling: You actually don't feel this lip balm as you naturally move your lips; talking, eating, singing, whatever. It's like your lips are healthy and your mind doesn't need to send signals like: aah feel dry, speak safe else you chap, lick them or need more balm. Nothing like that at all. When you "mmm" your lips you can easily do this, but not in a slippery way.
The duration: This lip balm is insane... I've made the lip balm in the evening around 9:30 PM and put it in the fridge after. After 2 hours I checked on the balm and took some of the spilled balm of the outside of the container and put it on my lips. Then I watched a movie and ate chips, went upstairs and brushed my teeth, did my skincare routine and avoided my lips. Then I went to sleep and the next day, woke up got out of bed eat my breakfast and was ready to brush my teeth again. Then I realized my lip balms and felt my lips... there was still lip balm on there! The previous that I only put a tiny bit of lip balm on there, just a thin layer. It stays put and moisturized my lips through the entire night!
I've noticed this lip balm stays on your lips for 12 hours!

Best lip balm ever .
I'm honestly never going to buy a lip balm anymore... well maybe if I like the packaging or special scent, but not for need of moisture. This lip balm rocks everything I've ever tried!
It's better than: 
Burt's Bees - Beeswax lip balm ( minty in tin)
Burt's Bees Honey lip balm
Holika holika - I want chu lip balm - Strawberry smoothie
Labello - any type of lip balm
L'ocean - Shea butter lip balm - Grapes
Innisfree - Canola Honey Lip Balm
It's Skin Macaron lip balm
The Body Shop Cacao Butter Lip Care Stick
The Face Shop - Lovely mix mango seed lip care - 01 Pomegranate
Tony Moly - Mini Fruits Lip Balm - Green Apple
 Tony Moly - Delight Dalcom Banana Pong Dang Lip Balm
Ultra Ready - Vitamin E Added Lip Moisturizer
Vasaline - Any type of lip balm
YuYu Healthcare - Honey balm glow

Play around and make variations!
it's skin chocolate macaron diy do it yourself Haul Review kbeauty lip balm makeup beauty blog blogger
Lein's - Macaron lip balm
I've used the lip balm container from my empty It's Skin - Macaron Lip Balm. Or you can get an similar empty container on Ebay. I wanted to create the same chocolate effect so what I did was adding 1 tsp of Cacao butter for extra moisture and firmness. I also added a cube of 1cm by 1cm pure chocolate into the mixture. The expiration date of chocolate is always very far away in the future, so no worries! It's really nice, it has a very soft chocolate scent and taste to it.

Etude house cream container diy do it yourself Haul Review kbeauty lip balm makeup beauty blog blogger
Lein's - Playful Orange & Joy lip balms
For these lip balms I've used the Etude House - Cream Container which I can't find online anymore but these I've found on Ebay are super duper similar. For the orange lip balm I've used 10 drops of Orange Essential oil and Etude House - Fresh Cherry Tint - #OR202 for dots color.
For the rosy pink lip balm I've used 10 drops of Joy (soft and fresh) Essential oil, a Cheek Room - two color lip gloss in #6 red, Secret Key - Secret Kiss Creamy kiss Lip & Cheek Blusher in #1 Milky Pink and Tony Moly - Delight Tony Tint in 2 Red. The solid color came my guess from the lip gloss or the creamy Secret Key product. The solid color came from the peachy base from the Cheek room lip gloss and the creamy Secret Key product. All the dots from the tony tint ended at the bottom :P

chocolate orange joy macaron diy do it yourself Haul Review kbeauty lip balm makeup beauty blog blogger
So here you see the swatches from my Macaron lip balm and Playful Orange & Joy lip balms. I've swatched all balms 10 times and only the chocolate macaron balm gave off a little bit of color, the rest have no color. So if you just put a normal coat of the chocolate lip balm on your lips it isn't visible.

Do you want to know my DIY for shadows from the Laneige shadow bar? 
Check out my previous post:

I hope you've enjoyed and found my DIY & Review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)