07 August 2016

The Living and the Dead

The living and the dead soundtrack review haul beauty blogger blog tv series trailer favorite ost The insects music
🌾 What lies beneath should be left beneath 👻
It's not often I write about TV entertainment, but this one is something so beautiful, mysteriously gorgeous. A piece of art, even the soundtrack got a hold of my heart! I'm going to share with you what this amazing TV series is all about + trailer and I'm going to give you a review on the soundtrack I've recently bought!

 The living and the dead soundtrack review haul beauty blogger blog tv series trailer favorite ost The insects music
Information + Trailer
Victorian era supernatural drama series about a farmer who yearns to prove the existence of the afterlife.
In the Year 1894 when the Industrial Revolution and modern science have bypassed Shepzoy. This is an isolated, fictional Somerset community. Where Midsummer's Eve is celebrated with a ceremonial bonfire and cider-fuelled revelry. Agricultural laborers wear smocks and lean on the handles of their scythes to scowl at newfangled farm machinery. 
Nathan Appleby, a pioneering psychologist specializing in trauma, has returned home from London with his photographer wife, Charlotte. They are taking over the ailing family farm. While Charlotte tries to run the farm, Nathan is distracted by several mysterious causes with the villagers. All seems to lead back to the existence of the afterlife.


The Series started June 28th 2016 and finished on Aug 2nd 2016.
It has 6 episodes with each a running time of 60 minutes.

The living and the dead soundtrack review haul beauty blogger blog tv series trailer favorite ost The insects music
Why I love it so much
The era and time and place where it's set; I love the Victorian era and I love Summer surrounding the theme of farm work & life. When I think of Summer I think "Oh no heat" but also hayfields and ready to harvest. Also my birthday is in August, so I gotta love Summer ;) They start on Midsummer's Eve with a bonfire (which is something we celebrate too), The main storyline is Nathan and his interest in the existence of the afterlife. Sadly I cannot say anything more about the main storyline. This is a story that unravels itself bit a bit. If I would give a spoiler now it would be like pulling one string from a spider web and it totally collapses. Meaning: the excitement, shocking and mind blowing discoveries are all gone. So the next main storyline is about the reaping, harvest, then flowing into autumn and you'll get all Hallows Eve, the laborers scared from mysterious happenings and old tales and believes. Also the farm, land and community looks so amazingly beautiful and adorable. I would gladly pick up my things and move there!

The way it's filmed is truly art. They way things are highlighted in this series is really beautiful! It's nothing I've ever seen before in TV series or movies!

The vibe what you get from this series is spooky, mysterious, beautiful, epic, excitement.
At first I thought this would be too spooky for me; like those awful, bad goosebumps, horrifying and scaring the crap out of you movies. But this one isn't about that at all. Yes there is spooky stuff, but spooky is not horror. This series is not focused on scaring you, it's about telling the story to you. Which is unbelievably beautiful!

The living and the dead soundtrack review haul beauty blogger blog tv series trailer favorite ost The insects music
It's a digital download and can be found here and costs £7.99 which is +/- around €9,99 or $10.99. The soundtrack has 18 unique tracks and you pay through PayPal. You will receive 3 emails; 1 conformation mail from PayPal, 1 conformation mail from The Insects Music and 1 from The Insects Music with the link to the soundtrack in compressed zip format which you can download. You can unzip this with an app which are easily to find online, many are free. I personally use WinRar to unzip everything.

Normally I never buy music, only If I'm a super fan (BTS, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc). Mostly I just listen to music on youtube through listenonrepeat.com, but the tracks of this soundtrack are nowhere to be found on Youtube (or anywhere else 👍). I knew I couldn't live without this music in my life, so without a doubt I went online and searched for it. The day I searched for it was the day the OST creators (The Insects) had released it! :D I think I was officially the third person who bought the soundtrack! Think that's quite epic :)

The soundtrack has 18 amazingly beautiful tracks on it. Each individually special! Some a songs with singing and some are instrumental that need no voice at all to convey their meaning. The songs are original and traditional folk songs with a haunting vibe and melodies in it. You can hear some in the trailer; The first line that was sang in the trailer "do not cross the hayfield" was from the song "The Reaper’s Ghost" and the rest is from the main title song called "The Living and the Dead". You can already feel the music vibe from the trailer. So beautiful!

It was a rainy day when I've bought the OST, nowhere to go, so I've turned it on right away! My mom and me just sat down, watched the rain and listened. This music is so relaxing and mind numbing. The next week we couldn't stop singing the song "The Reaper’s Ghost", such an addictive song! When I'm blogging (now), online shopping, whatever on my pc and when I'm upstairs; I have the album on repeat! Not just one song the entire album, it's so beautiful! One of my most precious purchases from this year!

I really hope you've enjoyed this post.
Took me two days to write since I find it very hard to describe awesomeness about TV Series or Movies. Mostly when someone asked what's it about I say for example: a bit about dragons, lots of talking and plotting and nice graphics = Game of Thrones. So I hope you get a good visual of how amazing and special The Living and the Dead is :)