13 September 2016

Bath & Body Works Sweet Summer Haul & Review

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul Review Venice peach bellini candle hand sanitizer strawberries pocketbac pretty in pink juicy georgia
♡ Sweetness ♡
Around the end of Spring I've bought these lovely sweet Bath & Body Works products. I've shortly reviewed the candle on Instagram before. The plan was to upload a full review on my blog within that week. As you know I don't function well in summer, so I just hid under a rock ;). Lately I'm trying to "man up" against the heat and do things! So today (90°F) I'm doing not much and I'm blogging! :D

From my experience all my Bath and Body Works candles behave the same (lucky me!)
All these candles have a really strong throw. When you have the lit off, the entire room smells like the "cold sniff". When you burn it, the entire house smells like that candle, but it's never suffocating at all! They burn calm and steady. I don't really have to babysit them. When I blow them out I directly lick my fingers to softly squeeze the wicks dry and softly pull up to take away possible mushroom shaping in the wick. These wicks often want to grow mushrooms so out smart them ;) These candles create very nice even pools and it takes around 15 to 20 minutes for the entire surface to pool. (It takes 5 to 10 minutes when you use tin foil right from the start).
If my candle(s) in this review behaves differently from what I described above, I'll tell you!

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul Review Home Venice peach bellini 3 wick candle fruity sweet italy girly beauty blog blogger
Bath & Body Works - Venice Peach Bellini
$22.50 / 3-Wick Candle / 411g / 25-45 Hours
Raise your glass to the romantic Italian city where the Bellini was invented, and enjoy sparkling peach, sweet orange and mandarin notes.

This candle is a real beauty and I'm super duper happy I got it! I was searching for a candle that matched my sweet fruity & citrusy obsession, then I saw this one! Big surprise the color also matched my peachy pink obsession, match made in heaven?! The candle comes with a basic silver lit. The scent is strong, but gentle and lightweight. First you smell the delicious peach and then a mandarin undertone. The orange is hard to find. But it could easily be side by side with the mandarin, since they are very similar. The mandarin (and orange?) scent is a soft scent, not sour or whatever. Personally I don't think this candle is nice for the living room, maybe if you love to drink peach bellini a lot (never tasted it) then it would fit your living room. To me this is weird to burn in your living room since then it smells like someone just came out of the shower. The scent also really reminds me of body care products. I would rather burn this in my bedroom or beauty room. Makes more sense to me. The scent throw is medium to high it fills my entire living room (where I first burned it) and it also reached up the stairs. When I burn it in my bedroom it fills my entire bedroom and the entire first floor. It doesn't linger long, for like a few hours. I really love this candle!

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul Review beauty girly cupcake pink pocketbac anti bacterial hand gel pretty in pink beauty blog blogger
Bath & Body Works - Pretty in Pink
$1.75 / PocketBac anti-bacterial Hand Gel / 29ml
The sweet scent of vanilla bean, whipped cream & lemon glaze

I really wanted a pink looking pocketbac, just because of the summer and I love pink ;) So I thought this one would fit my wish. Though it looks sweet, pink etc the scent fits more in winter time for me. The first thing you smell is a mixture of the vanilla bean and whipped cream. But it's a warm scent, like you dropped it on a cupcake right from the oven (which you never do!) It's really warm and cuddly! There is a very hard to find lemon scent all the way at the bottom. I would rather name this warm winter vanilla cupcake. So I've only used this like 5 times and safe the rest for winter. But I do love it!

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul Review beauty girly fruity pocketbac anti bacterial hand gel Juicy georgia peach beauty blog blogger
Bath & Body Works - Juicy Georgia Peach
$1.75 / PocketBac anti-bacterial Hand Gel / 29ml
A juicy blend of southern peach, honeysuckle nectar & blood orange

This scent is like the candle but fresher and more tangy, but still lightweight. It has been my go to pocketbac and now there is like 0,5cm of product left and kind try to calm down with it(not easy to get your hands on BBW products in the Netherlands). I will keep an eye out for this one and a similar pocketbac. This is really a scent I would re purchase over and over again!

Bath and Body Works Summer Haul Review beauty girly fruity  anti bacterial hand sanitizer fresh strawberries beauty blog blogger
Bath & Body Works - Fresh Strawberries
$5.00 / Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer / 225ml
The irresistible scent of luscious garden strawberries ripened on the vine.

I wanted a hand sanitizer on my sink in my bedroom so very badly. Not mainly to get clean hands, pff! But to keep my face safe from the bacteria from my hands. When I have acne breakouts I want to be extra careful and not just rubbing hidden bacteria from my hands on there when I apply essence, serum, cream etc. So now: I wash my hands, start my cleansing routine, after that I use this hand sanitizer, wait for it to dry (few seconds) and start applying the rest of my skincare. I really love, love, love this hand sanitizer and I've been using it every day since I have it. I've noticed my breakouts are not getting worse anymore and they heal faster. It really goes a long way, I have still 60% left of product! The scent is really fresh strawberries with a hint of jam. It's a very strong scent but it doesn't linger long. I do love it when I apply my skincare, I only smell strawberries :D (BTW the scent doesn't transfer to my face). This type of product is very hard to get by here, so I might ask a shop owner to personal shop this for me. I really love this scent and it's also one I could repurchase over and over again :)

I hope you've enjoyed this haul & review,
See you in my next post!