18 October 2016

Lancôme - Miracle Cushion Refills & Tanya Burr - Lip gloss in Afternoon Tea Haul & Review

Lancome Miracle Cushion 010 Tanya Burr Lip gloss Afternoon Tea Haul Review feelunique
My first Feelunique order!
A while back Feelunique had this 15% off everything coupon for some reason. That one has ended, but I got a new one for you at the end of this post! I was looking at this website for so long, but never knew what to get. Lots of items I can get here in the Netherlands as well. So I found these were special enough and unique to shop!

Lancome Miracle Cushion 010 albatre Foundation Korean beauty blog Haul Review feelunique
Lancôme - Miracle Cushion Refills - 010 Albâtre x2
€24.96 / 14g / Link to product
Quick, fresh on-the-go. Miracle Cushion is Lancôme's first liquid cushion compact for effortless perfection in seconds. Fresh glow, lasting hydration ,weightless buildable coverage and SPF 23/PA++

These are honestly my most favorite cushion foundation out there. I've tried a lot, but I always circle back to this cushion. Click here for my full review! Past spring I've even bought a special cushion case, here you can see a close up. I've bought these at feelunique because in my regular High end beauty store (douglas) my color was sold out and gone from the choice options. Also I noticed that Feelunique sells them for 9 Euro's cheaper and plus that 15% off bonus, I only paid 21 Euro's each!

Do I recommend?
Yes, of course! Best cushion in the world to me!

Tanya Burr Lip gloss Afternoon Tea lipgloss beauty blog blogger Haul Review feelunique
Tanya Burr - Lip Gloss - Afternoon Tea
€5,06 / 7.5ml / Link to product
A beautiful, high shine lip gloss. The full collection includes all the classic shades you'll need, in a spectrum of rich crème and shimmering finishes, to create the perfect lips

Tanya Burr Lip gloss Afternoon Tea lipgloss beauty blog blogger Haul Review feelunique
Around almost 2 years ago I've heard Anna Saconne Joly say she liked Tanya Burr's lip glosses. I've never heard of those and couldn't get them in the Netherlands. Knowing I was going to buy the Lancôme - Miracle Cushion I popped in a Tanya Burr lip gloss in my cart to try out. I went for this beautiful soft pink color with a hint of peach. The color and name on the site made me choose this one. I've became such a tea addict lately and I found the name 'Afternoon Tea' fitting for my addiction. Even though the colors in the preview pictures on the site look very similar I still thought this one would be my best first choice.

The packaging looks very similar to Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks, It looks luxurious but to make it cute again; on the top gold part is a cute pink heart symbol. Sadly the text on the lip gloss fades very fast when I have it in my bag. As I told before, the color is a beautiful bright soft pink with a hint of peach in it. There are also super fine gold shimmers in the lip gloss, which creates the beautiful shine. Don't worry about the shimmers, you don't feel them at all. On the lips the color looks like the right hand swatch in the bottom left picture. Very natural, I love it! The scent is soft and sweet. The word candy scent comes to mind but I've never smelled candy like this only in lip glosses. So this lip gloss has a common candy lip gloss scent ;) The feeling of this lip gloss is between a thick butter gloss and a lightweight gel gloss. It's not sticky at all! You do really feel you have something on your lips, but it's not in the way or something. You can easily do you "mmm" move without moving your lip gloss to the edges of your lips. This lip gloss is quite long lasting compared to the NYX lip butters (<2 hour) and these last like 4 hours or ever more when you don't eat. 
I find this lip gloss so easy and perfect for daily use. I have this now in my purse for when I only wear a bit of concealer & mascara, this lip gloss goes perfect with that fast & simple look. I love it so much, yesterday I've bought myself 2 extra new shades! I got Berry Picking & Let's Travel the World :)

Do I recommend?
For pretty, daily & fast lip looks, definitely yes!

Lancome Miracle Cushion Tanya Burr Lip gloss beauty blogger blog Haul Review feelunique
Samples & Discount!
Feel Unique offers you free samples which you can choose with almost every purchase, depends on the amount to spend. They ship your order very fast and my first order arrived in 4 days safely.

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I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)