13 October 2016

Let's talk about STUFF

Best background ever :D
I've used a Bath & Body Works copper lit as background for this picture ;) But anyway, I really wanted to display my results of the inner debates I've been having lately about my blog. There is always something in my way of doing what I really want and I've discovered that it's... me.

Who am I
I'm a control freak who is scared of changes. "So I really have to break my rules"
I always want a lot and and right away. "That costs of a lot of money"
Choosing is really an issue! "Too much of everything"
Letting go, is no! "Today it's a YES"

My rules & habits I'll be breaking;
I buy something - it arrives - I take blog pictures -  I "play" with it  - there will be a haul & review. This way is okay, but not when...
I buy A LOT of somethings - it arrives on lots of different days - I take blog pictures - I play with it - there will be a haul & review.... but in the mean time I buy  A LOT again... there comes the problem...

I'm a control freak, so what I do I take pictures of truly everything, even though not everything is interesting at all. Limited and new trendy stuff is more interesting than repurchase of something, basic hand cream or whatever. BUT the problem with me is I want to review and post everything in the order I've received the items. This is where I get stuck, since I also live my life and buy way to much to get these things up to date online. 
There is also another thing that's in my way; The control over the seasons in my reviews in the order I want to upload my posts. Example: A Dior nail polish in a beautiful coral pink color that matches to me perfectly in Spring and Summer. The problem with my old ways; I've bought this nail polish in March and haven't published it yet on blog, so this comes next... but it's October already... totally out of season! 
This old way of blogging really interferes with my true wishes, which are blogging about the current super new things I've received and the current season themed items & subjects I love to blog about.

New rules
So everything that I haven't blogged about yet and are really out of season, I will put aside and maybe pick up next year for a review if they are truly worth it, some really will!
This will also give me more time and freedom to play around with new Youtube videos, since I got stuck so early this year with those already. Don't pin me on this, it's a wish!

100% Honesty
This is the most important thing for me when I'm blogging, giving you my honest opinion.
To get free sponsored product is always nice, but if they want me to bend my blog posts with all kind of rules and smiles, no thanks! Freedom costs money and I gladly pay it if so.

I've hope you've enjoyed this talk about stuff ;P
see you in my next post ;)