07 January 2017

Let's catch up; projects + HUGE discovery!

Burgundy black purple pink 2017 sime 4 kuc designs beauty blog blogger korean k maskgenie projects shopping TS4 bath body works candle cc downloads
A true confession!
More on this color later in this post.
It's that time again, when I sit down and write to you all the reasons why I haven't blogged for a while :). Of course there was Christmas & New Year, but there are also other positive things that eat my time and concentration to blog away...
"Let's catch up!"

Hyper focuses
Over time you see I don't blog as often as I used to, there are often gaps. I think that's so annoying!I get these hyper focuses. When I find or do something new or something I love; It's like I'm an obsessed Pitbull that won't let go or like a horse with blinders. It's super fun for me and very time consuming, but it's bad if I also really want to blog :).
Those things can be: ONLINE SHOPPING + research (makeup, fashion, whatever), Downloading The Sims 4 Custom Content & Reorganizing, Editing YouTube videos, Decorating + Reorganizing my rooms, Binge watch amazing TV series.

In November I really did my best to blog more often. But hello Black Friday & Cyber Monday! Some shops had a whole week super sales. I spend so much time filling my carts and researching what I really needed and wanted. Shopping Queen Lein!
In December my blogging was really minimal because...

HUGE discovery!
I got into The Sims 4 again...and made some amazing discoveries on how to organize my custom content, which did speed up the process so much! This was thanks to few programs. But that's it not all: In one of these programs I had discovered I could delete and add recolors of say a table; dark wood, light wood, hot pink and mint. For example I delete the hot pink and add something else. The things you add are called textures, think of it like you have a shape (mesh) and you add the texture that folds all around the mesh. Those are often square pictures that look like totally nothing and weird, but the file knows how to fold the picture around it...

Now I have learned by just playing around with the texture files (no tutorial) how to make High Quality recolors!

Burgundy black purple pink 2017 sime 4 kuc designs beauty blog blogger korean k maskgenie projects shopping TS4 bath body works candle cc downloads
The Sims 4 - Bath & Body Works Hot Cacao & Cream 1-Wick Candle!
The Mesh (shape) was made by someone else and I'v created the transparent brown class and edited the BBW label in there. This is just 1 recolor of MANY! The original was plain white with no design. Sound and looks easy, right... NOPE; the cr*p load of layers and time went in this texture file. This is my first attempt on the BBW candles: Instagram video, which need a lot of editing still. A world has opened for me in that moment; I could recolor everything I want!
My friend from One Billion Pixels (AKA Sweet Shop Design) told me I was now an official a TS4 CC creator. That didn't sink in before, so when she said that, I was like: "wow". Then this girl on Instagram asked me where she could download it. Then I realized things could get real serious soon and I needed to take action...

Burgundy black purple pink 2017 sime 4 kuc designs beauty blog blogger korean k maskgenie projects shopping TS4 bath body works candle cc downloads
Kuc Designs
So I've picked up my old the Sims 3 Blog (which was never born) and turned it into a universal The Sims Download Blog. I still need to edit lots of these candles and add in new and HQ recolors before I can upload them. This was just a sneak peek on my new extra website! :D My Beauty Blog will stay my main blog, this is extra  :)

As you can see in the previous picture... I freakin' love this color! I love this color in clothing, accessories, eye shadow, lipstick, home decor, Sims 4 recolors ;) I call this color Black Purple! It's a plum color with a burgundy undertone and a black topcoat. It can vary between light and dark, but the dark side is my true love. You can see this tone in the corners of the pictures in this post. I think this obsession started in fall and the obsession keeps on kicking! You'll see this color appear very often in my up coming blog posts! :D

Eugenie (Owner from MaskGenie) and I are working very hard on something very exiting... We are creating a whole new website! It's going to look so good and pretty! You will be able to shop the amazing MaskGenie pouches and now also other things! I'll be creating most of the images on the website and Eugenie creates the rest. I can't share any other news on this project yet ;)

It's a new year and I feel the energy!
See you soon in my next blog post!