23 March 2017

My first Colourpop Haul, Customs Advice & Review + Kbeauty TIP

Colourpop matte satin glossy lip can you knot hutch sookie notion wink eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty
Wishlist items - check!
Long time ago on Black Friday or some day close to it; Colourpop had free international with no minimum limit. LOL I didn't even knew Colourpop was already shipping international, so extra happy to try out some items on my wishlist. Also super scary to order from this website since I didn't knew how their parcels would pass customs. Ready for my review and info on Colourpop & customs?!

Colourpop customs declaration bill label sticker merchendise gift value world wide international shipping haul review blog beauty
Customs information
So few things you NEED to know before you order.
1. They mark their parcel as 'Merchandise' which means lower value limit for customs.
Dutch example: Our Merchandise value limit is 22 and our Gift value limit is 45.
2. They use exact value on each item you buy, as it currently is listed on the website.
Example: in the left picture are the eyeshadows with 20% discount, so that sale price is listed as the value(could've have bought 1 one grr :P). On the right picture are the bundle and the single lip and they were not on sale.
3. To avoid customs (in NL) I stay below the value 22, no matter the currency, since they don;t care for that at customs!
4. Shipping costs are not included in the total value!
5. AND Discount codes are not included in the total value!!

I never have to pay extra for customs ordering like this!

Colourpop super shock shadow eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty creamy matte pearlized metallic
Super Shock Shadow - Puppy Love, Bill, Stereo & Bae
2,1g / $5.00 / Link to Puppy Love, Bill, Stereo or Bae
Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It's super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout.

How to use
For Max Coverage: Use your fingertip and tap shadow directly onto the eyelid. A flat, firm synthetic brush will also work and is perfect for detailed application close to the lash line.
To Blend: Use a fluffy synthetic brush with good movement, dip the tip into the shadow and apply with a "windshield wiper" movement throughout the crease of the eye for a soft and diffused look.

Colourpop super shock shadow eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty creamy matte pearlized metallic swatches
Puppy Love (pearlized): Soft peach with pink and gold duochrome.
Bill (matte): Meet Bill, a light dusty matte mauve - he likes long walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners.
Stereo (metallic): Someone will definitely blast "In Your Eyes" outside your bedroom window if you wear this blackened purple with gold and pink glitter.
Bae (metallic): Ay Bay Bay, this is a rich eggplant purple with blue glitter.

Puppy love was on my wishlist since forever. I really wanted it for a shimmer "in-my-inner-corner or all-over-eyelid" shadow like my all time favorite Etude House eye shadow (Insta picture + Insta video). But then more creamy and with a more pink hue in it.
Bae was also on my wishlist because it's an epic duochrome. In the pot it looks like a dark galaxy blue-green. When you apply it onto your skin/eye it turns into my favorite Black purple color with a blue green sparkle inside.
I have bought Bill for my crease and to match with the other three colors. It's a light cool nude purple(or mauve, I never use that word.)
I bought Stereo because I thought it was going to be a perfect burgundy metallic eyeshadow. But it turned out to be a bit different. It's a brownish color with burgundy sparkles inside.
All shadows look super pretty on my eyes and last forever with Etude House - Proof 10 Eye Primer! I really like them :)

Etude House play 101 blending pencil finger brush makeup k korean beauty brushes review haul blog colourpop eye shadow
MEGA TIP: Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencil Finger Brush
$5.70 at ibuybeauti (free shipping over 50) / $7.21 at Jolse (free shipping)
I bought this Korean brush especially for Colourpop shock shadows :)
At first I was using my fingers and a sysnthetic blending brush to apply these eyeshadows. But time after time I got so annoyed when glitter from the first shadow I used got stuck on my fingers even after using eye makeup remover. Glitter on your skin is just sooo GRR.
Then I had this moment inside my head, thinking how amazing sponge tip brushes would work for creamy eyeshadows. Without testing that theory I bought this brush right away.
This brush is actually made to blend pencil makeup (eyes, contour, blush etc) and the the sponge tip is to create a gradient lip. PFF I found a better purpose for it!

This brush ROCKS Colourpop shock shadows!!
I use the blending brush side to apply my matte shadows in my crease, it picks the product up very good and blends super nicely! The brush is super soft and has a slight angle which works in your advantage.
I use the sponge tip for applying all my shimmer and metallic shadows. I just dap in the tip in the shadow and it picks it up right away and spreads out like your are drawing with a pencil. So smooth and perfect. Because it has a pointy tip you can really apply with precision.

How to wash the sponge tip
You let the sponge tip soak up the jelly/watery brush cleanser product or wet the sponge tip and softly soap in the surface with a block soap. Then softly massage between 2 finger tips and then rinse under lukewarm water. Wash the brush tip as you would normally wash your makeup brushes ;)

Colourpop ulta matte satin glossy lip bundle can you knot hutch sookie notion wink haul review blog beauty dark liquid lipstick
Can You Knot Lip Bundle & Ultra Satin Lip - Wink
2,41g / $15.00 bundle or $6.00 each / Link to WinkHutchNotionSookie or bundle
Ultra Satin Lip: A creamy, bold lipstick with a satin finish. This formula has the same high percentage of pigments as an Ultra Matte Lip but contains emollient ingredients for added moisture, keeping lips looking fresh and feeling super comfortable. Though this lipstick is super long-wearing, it is not completely kiss-proof and does transfer.
Ultra Matte LipThis thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment with a bold, ultra-matte look. It is very long-wearing and 100% kiss-proof AKA no transferring!
Ultra Glossy LipProvides extreme shine with a cushion-like feel and no stickiness! This gloss smooths and conditions the lips and leaves them looking fuller and healthier.

How to use
For Gloss: Apply alone or over a Lippie Pencil and/or Lippie Stix.
For Matte & Satin: First make sure your lips are bare and dry. Some choose to wear our Lippie Primer underneath for added comfort; please note this may interfere with the super long-wear of our Ultra Matte Lips. Second apply a coordinating Lippie Pencil for a clean, precise, and perfected application. Third apply Ultra Matte or Satin Lip with the applicator or your favorite lip brush.

Always exfoliate your lips first for the smoothest finish.
f you're not down for that ultra matte finish, top it with a gloss.

Colourpop ulta matte satin glossy lip bundle can you knot hutch sookie notion wink haul review blog beauty dark liquid swatches
Wink (satin): Bat those lashes in this deep pinky plum.
Notion (matte): We are pretty positive you are going to love this deepened raspberry.
Hutch (satin): Do it... get this deep blackened violet, do it.
Sookie (glossy): You'll be making friends with vampires in this crème rich plum

Well I can say over all colors, I wanted a super duper deep black burgundy purple and I couldn't choose :). All colors are what you see in the swatch is what you get only the undertone are with all are a bit brighter than the top color. You can see this on the edges of the swatch where they bleed a bit into my skin and on the stick of the applicator on the left. You can also see this in the picture below where I tried to make a gradient with Hutch. It's brighter on the gradient to nothing part and dark on the inner parts on my lips. I hoped I would be more of the same colors but more faded instead of getting brighter.
Also I thought I could rock a gradient with all lip products on this earth. WRONG! Colourpop liquid lip products are not the best for gradient lips. These products don't set for some reason. With lip tints its easy, stains like crazy and then the product is stuck on your lips, with lipsticks they are creamy to begin with and stains little bit and then settle on it's place. Even with other liquid lip sticks they stains and settle over time. But whatever I tried these Colourpop colors won't really settle. Meaning if you create your gradient with normal amount like always (like my picture below) and you would wait like 15 min to "mmm" your lips; your gradient is gone + your get full covered lips or all chunky madness. I did succeeded to create a gradient with like the tiniest amount with a brush and that did stuck to my lips. But continuing like that I would have all these lip products still (expired) after 20 years. because this way you only need like 1/10 of the entire product xD.
I haven't wore these full on my lips since they bleed to the edges (and make the edge look weird and bright). I don't really like the super duper dark look full on my lips, makes it look very unnatural and fake. I'm a gradient kind of girl!

Colourpop matte satin glossy lip can you knot hutch sookie notion wink eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty 2
In this picture I have used all eye shadows and Hutch Lip in a "natural" light way. I really like Colourpop! For me the eyeshadows are my favorite product at the moment, but hey more hauls to come :)

Would I recommend the Super Shock Shadows?
They are so creamy, pigmented and freakin' beautiful!

Would I recommend the Etude House Brush?
Even though you might not like/want the Super Shock Shadows, this is an amazing brush for creamy eyeshadows!

Would I recommend the Liquid lipsticks?
The colors are super trendy and beautiful, but you kind of always have to wear these full on the lips. and if you are a gradient lovers, this might irritate you.

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)