03 October 2017

Diary: Beauty challenge, BTS - DNA piano cover

Happy chuseok 추석 잘 보내세요 Korean thanksgiving K Beauty blogger kbeauty blog fall Painting is autumn ploughing by David Newbatt
"Happy Chuseok"
To start off to everyone who celebrates Chuseok, I wish you happy Chuseok! 
As a Korean beauty addict I noticed (shopped a lot) that there are currently a lot of great deals & discounts on online Korean beauty stores to celebrate Chuseok. But also that all shipments are delayed or paused because of Chuseok. Just saying this if you were wondering where your Kbeauty package might be hanging around.

Today I wanted share with you a two random things.

Korean beauty challenge complete skincare makeup  뷰티 스킨케어 메이크업 화장품 kbeauty blog blogger
My Bae Challenge
Halfway September I had entered this "MyBaeChallenge" created by Michele, Jiki and Casi on Instagram. I was a half month behind on this challenge but I was determined to complete the entire thing. I also wanted to give myself an extra challenge; to get me out of my pink-background-comfort-blog zone. I think this setting is great for review posts for on my blog but for Instagram I want to give a more personal,"all over the place, no theme kind of vibe. Trying to be creative for every picture and getting this done before October 1st was a very challenging for me... BUT I completed it in time! This is actually the first Instagram challenge I did and completed!

PS I said: "I get this tingly, urging feeling I want to blog your eyes off!"
I haven't really done this on my blog, because I have put a lot of time in this challenge. Which are actually 30 small reviews on my Instagram account.

BTS 방탄소년단 DNA Piano Cover Smyang  music video dreaming sleep kbeauty blog blogger korean beauty
I can't remember how I stumbled on this song but I cannot live without it anymore. I almost have 100 repeat within 1 day already. The moment I heard this it's like my dreams are understood and translated in music. The animated image fits so well with this piano cover, no explanation needed. I urge you so listen to this song, you won't regret it! ;)

I hope you've enjoyed this little random post,
I'll see you in my next.