27 October 2017

I'm Cursed

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It's official, I'm cursed!
Currently I'm in quite some pain, because of some unlucky encounters with objects and other reasons in the past say +/- the time I didn't blog.
Let me explain real short!

• First my right shoulder started to hurt without good reason.
• Then a ganglion on top of my right wrist started to hurt severely and I lost almost all strength in my right hand.
Went to doctor and she said; take it slow, take lots of painkillers and keep your shoulder warm.

Then: Hello mini fridge... bad fridge!
• Very ugly deep cut in my middle finger on left hand because of mini fridge.
• My healing right shoulder now 10x worse than before because of mini fridge.
Too much to explain how and what happened.

Today: "hmm I hope I can blog again soon, I feel like the universe is against me blogging. because there is always something keeping me from doing it!"
• 1 minute later: hits right wrist against door knob, damaged my skin and it's swollen now (right next to my ganglion). I hope it doesn't turn blue!
• 2 minutes after that: hurts middle finger on right hand while opening the freezer door (f*cking fridges!)
• 5 minutes after that: On the toilet, slams left hand against the mini sink when I wanted to pull up my pants.


So both my hands and right shoulder went to hell and now it's just waiting for them to get better and not get worse. Doing small movements like typing and holding my mouse really hurts like crazy. Don't ask me how long it took to write this post ...Now my left shoulder and neck are starting to hurt as well. 

Yes, I'm officially cursed, It's must be the season!