15 July 2017

Hope Girl - Jamong Cleansing Balm Review (spr Jolse)

Jamong, it's been so long!
Today I will be reviewing this cleansing balm for you. Jolse was 'recruiting' 30 reviewers a while ago to review this product. I entered because I'm a major grapefruit (jamong) fan and I got picked! YAY! I also received 3 other Hope Girl samples with this product; I will review these as well, just for extra.

I received this product for free from Jolse as I just described above.
No matters what, I will review this product + the samples with 100% honesty.

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
Hope Girl - Jamong (Grapefruit) Cleansing Balm
$16.98 → $13.58 / 75g / Link to product 
Maintains the skin moist by cleansing even the thick point makeup and waterproof makeup smoothly. The moist sherbet type balm melts on body temperature and cleanses off your makeup.The grapefruit extract gives brightness and energy to dry and tired skin, and brightens your spirit with the fresh grapefruit scent. This hypoallergenic product free from: paraben, benzophenone, triclosan, triethanolamine, and BHT cleanses the sensitive skin smoothly and mildly 

How to use
Take an appropriate amount, smoothly massage on face, and wash off with warm water.

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
Packaging & scent
I absolutely adore the packaging. I really love those two colors in a ombré effect (text in 1st pic of this post) Also the lid has a beautiful grapefruit slice on there. Only downside is they are all just plain stickers.
This product has a topical cleaning balmy scent with an amazing and strong grapefruit scent. It's a very gentle and soft scent, and in 'strong' I mean the amount that there is in there. You will be greeted by the scent the moment you open the jar. I love it!

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
Spatula & consistency
You get a little spatula with this product, which is always handy and thoughtful of the brand! Like every other cleansing balm this balm melts the moment it gets in contact with your skin. You can scoop it out of the jar super easy with the spatula. It's thin and easy spreadable over the entire face.

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
Swatches to cleanse
1. Etude House - Curl Fix Long lash Mascara
2. Lancome - Monsieur Big Mascara - 01
3. Etude House - Dear Darling Tint - PK003
4. Holika Holika - Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner - 01
5. Peripera - Ink Blackcara Volume Setting Mascara
6. Peripera - Peri's Ink Velvet - #13
7. Clio - Kill Black Waterproof Pen liner - 01
8. Clio - Kill Black Waterproof Brush liner - 01
9. Clio - Kill Black Waterproof Pencil liner - 01
10. Innisfree - Ampoule Cover Cushion - C13
11. The Saem - Cover Perfection Tip concealer - 01
12. Peripera - Peri's Ink - #5
13. A'pieu - Water Light Tint - PK01

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
In the middle
I started massaging the balm on my hand in circular motions. I did this 60 seconds long and took the dirty looking picture. As you can see the lip tints stay on there firmly and  NO 2, 7 & 8 try to cling on.

Hope Girl Jamong Cleansing Balm Review Jolse grapefruit Korean skincare makeup cleanser k beauty blog 호피걸 자몽 클렌징 밤
The result
Well this product isn't able to remove lip tints very well. It did remove everything else after rinsing with warm water. The NO 12 peri's ink tint is obvious it hard to remove, even the brand's own lip remover can't remove the stain lol (the . But as you can see NO 3 (Etude House) and 13 (A'pieu) are also still visible. NO 6 is also from Peripera but that one is velvet and those are easier to remove, but also still visible.

Final review
I have very sensitive skin and this product is super gentle for it. When I apply I don't feel a thing (irritation or tingles) only the soft balmy product. I was afraid it might left residue after rinsing, I'm very happy it doesn't! I was also afraid of this product might my drying on the skin afterwards which it also doesn't do. My skin feels actually pretty nice and soft after washing and patting it dry with a towel. Normally after washing my skin with warm water I get this pulling effect on my skin but I don't get that after using this product.
when you apply this product on your face you are covered in a tiny grapefruit cloud. You constantly smell the deliciously addictive soft grapefruit scent. It doesn't linger, the moment you wash it off, it's gone. The cleansing power of this product is really good. That it can't remove lip tints is okay by me, which cleansing balm can? Seriously lip tints are so hard to remove. It didn't had any problem with the rest so I'm happy. I think this cleansing balm is way more gentle that the Banila Co - Clean it Zero one and I prefer this grapefruit scent 100 times over the other one :) I would compare it with the gentleness of the Heimish - All Clean Balm but that one doesn't have a grapefruit scent, so I also would pick this Jamong cleansing balm over that one!

Would I recommend?
No jokes; I honestly would repurchase this cleansing balm when it's empty!

Hope Girl Korean skincare makeup k beauty blog Honey bee cream brightening cc cover bb 호피걸 씨씨 비비 허니비 봉독 크림
Sample reviews
I received the Hope Girl - Glow Brightning CC, Hope Girl - Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream, and Hope Girl - Blossom Cover BB. I will review these also just for extra, but since it's just a sample it will mostly be first impression.

Hope Girl Korean skincare makeup k beauty blog  Glow brightening cc Blossom cover bb 호피걸 글로우 브라이트닝 씨씨 블라썸 커버 비비
Hope Girl - Glow Brightning CC (left side of hand)
Hope Girl - Blossom Cover BB (right side of hand)
In the left picture you see the blobs of product, that's way too much for my hand so I wiped off 2/3 off before I pat it onto my skin.
I really don't like these products. The CC cream (left) is pale and unrealistic. I'm normally between shade #13 - #17 (for some brands #21) Meaning I'm already super duper pale. Meaning, this is even paler! Also this leaves a weird finish; a bit powdery (like overdosed on setting powder) which you can't dust off, it's stuck.
Then the BB cream is very cakey and patchy on the skin and it feels like you seal off your skin (feels like it could cause pimples...) so I really don't like these two products from first impression. 

Hope Girl Korean skincare makeup k beauty blog Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream 호피걸 허니비 봉독 멀티 솔루션 크림
Hope Girl - Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream
I hoped I would love this sample and YES I do! It's a really lovely cream. The scent is a flowery nectar kind of honey scent. Really soft and gentle. The cream looks rich and balmy on my hand, but when you spread it out it almost feel like a watery gel cream. It spreads out super smooth and fast. This cream also absorbs super quickly and feels lightweight on the skin. It leaves your skin soft, supple and really nice looking. Look at my hand; almost not real, so smooth! (My face also loves it!) I really recommend this cream (if you are not allergic to bee venom) It's great for summer and for those who love lightweight creams, and HONEY!

This was the first time I got "sponsored" by Jolse. It might have looked like I was sponsored often by them... But seriously; all the posts on my blog about my Jolse orders or me linking you to them; is just my great love for that store and everything is paid with my own money.
Jolse.com is an online Korean Cosmetics store that ships international for FREE.
I have placed 56 orders at Jolse and received 56 orders without problems; no damaged parcels and no customs bills. I really recommend this store to everyone and everyone who's just starting out with Korean cosmetics.

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)