08 May 2018

PURITO - Defence Low pH Cleanser and Centella All In One Mild Pad Review & Extended Vitamin C Serum Review

Purito review defence barrier ph cleanser centella green level all in one mild pad vitamin c serum kbeauty korean beauty blog blogger 퓨리토 리뷰 뷰티 스킨케어 디펜스 베리어 pH 클렌저 센텔라 그린레벨 올인원 마일드 패드 퓨어 비타민 씨 세럼
Pure & Beauty
Some time ago I was contacted by PURITO if I was interested in trying out some products from them and write an honest review after a few weeks (a bit later than planned, 'cause of some circumstances). After reading the brand's philosophy I was really interested in trying out some products from this brand. I honestly had never heard from it before. I've chose these products since they are a must-have in every skincare routine and easy to compare to other products from trendy brands. This review is long and full of surprises!

Blogger Tricks

06 May 2018

My blog changed ♡

It was... I think it's done now.
I might tweak my header a bit, but for now it's done.
I wanted to change it all up and make it more easy for me to blog (editing photo's etc).
This style is more "2018-me" instead of "2014-me".

3 AM in the "evening"
I was just busy writing my PURITO Review, editing the last bits, when I suddenly saw a black shadow moving on the wall in front of me ...SPIDER! I wanted to catch it and throw it out; so I could continue blogging (somehow I like blogging at night) ...but it fell and now I lost it.
That gives me too much stress, I give up.

Good night & Good day

25 February 2018

Energized & Happy

Spring is coming sparrow sparrows story personal update daily life feeling good blog k beauty blogger korean 뷰티
Long time no see 
Somewhere last year between October and November stuff started happening. Lots of fun and lesser fun stuff, it ate a lot of time away. Also between those subjects there was nothing I did and I gladly enjoyed those times; by not blogging as well, since blogging means doing stuff. YES, very vague, I know :) But Spring is coming and I feel super energized and happy. No blog promises anymore, you'll just see ;)

And I'll see you in my next post ✿

18 November 2017

Troiareuke - Troipeel H+ Cushion VS ACSEN A+ Cushion Haul & Review

Troiareuke Troipeel H+ Cushion VS ACSEN A+ Cushion Haul Review 트로이아르케 메이 액션 플러스 트로이필 에이치 힐링 쿠션  메이크업 리뷰 뷰티 화장품 K beauty makeup blog blogger
Let the battle begin!
These cushions are super hyped everywhere and I thought why not try them out. I've bought the H+ Cushion myself late in summer and then later in September Jolse was 'recruiting' 20 reviewers to review the A+ Cushion. I entered because and I got picked! Today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on both these cushions and comparing them; to see which one is best for me and in general for everyone ...and if they are worth the hype.

27 October 2017

I'm Cursed

cursed unlucky halloween witch pumpkin bath body works beauty blogger kbeauty blog fall autumn lifestyle daily life candle
It's official, I'm cursed!
Currently I'm in quite some pain, because of some unlucky encounters with objects and other reasons in the past say +/- the time I didn't blog.
Let me explain real short!

07 October 2017

Jolse Order #59 NEOGEN, COSRX, touch in SOL & Skinfood Haul

Jolse NEOGEN, COSRX touch in SOL Skinfood Haul 코스알엑스 네오젠 터치인솔 스킨푸드 kbeauty korean beauty blog blogger skincare makeup
Super excited for NEOGEN!
Jolse recently started selling NEOGEN in the beginning of September and they had great welcome deals and discounts! I directly ordered and around halfway September I've received them in 2 separated parcels (maybe to avoid customs because the products are heavy). Today I'm going to share with you what I've bought and the reason why.