20 August 2017

Life update: 99% sure Depo Provera f*cked me up!

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It's all F physical!
I'll start off with saying I'm happy and still agree with what I said last time "I really want to have fun, so that is what I'm going to have!" Then I wrote a post about the cleansing cream and then all when to hell. I'm still okay, but I've been just super busy with all these tests at the hospital and trying to fix my body. I wanted to share this with you what is going on and for some it might be a warning to quit what you are doing now.

After effects from Depo Provera:
Still no period after 11 months, 10 years of bone loss, now Osteopenia, 
Very low vitamin D, Getting a surgery on a main varicose vein tomorrow and more later on.

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15 July 2017

Hope Girl - Jamong Cleansing Balm Review (spr Jolse)

Jamong, it's been so long!
Today I will be reviewing this cleansing balm for you. Jolse was 'recruiting' 30 reviewers a while ago to review this product. I entered because I'm a major grapefruit (jamong) fan and I got picked! YAY! I also received 3 other Hope Girl samples with this product; I will review these as well, just for extra.

26 April 2017

Reorganizing my life!

Reorganize blog room house youtube k beauty blogger rainbow chaos makeup skincare  reorganizing update daily life
Here I go again...again!
Yes, it's that time where I start chatting about how things are going to change again. I posted this same-ish post about 6 days ago and took it offline again soon after. I noticed that I got off track and was not really talking about reorganizing but more about other stuff. 1. Hot chocolate; check, 2. Little strawberry Oreo; check 3. Song on repeat (R.A.R.D - Don't Recall); check ...Let's do this again;)

Updated 2 July 2017
Everything with red colored text or/and title is an update :)
At the bottom of this post I share my blog-gap-explanation.

09 April 2017

Stylenanda 3CE X Lily Maymac Lipstick #118, Mood Recipe Lipstick #117 & Mood Recipe Nail Lacquer #BR06 Review

Stylenanda 3CE X Lily Maymac Lipstick #118 holy rose Mood Recipe #117 chicful Nail Lacquer #BR06 Review Haul 스타일난다 릴 리메이맥 쓰리씨이 립컬러 립스틱 k beauty blog blogger korean swatches swatch cosmetics makeup testerkorea
 ▲ YAS ▲
Around the beginning of December last year I first saw this Lily Macmac lipstick on TesterKorea and shortly after someone wearing it on YouTube, I fell in love and had to have it! Then I saw they also had this same lipstick formula in another collection in a deep dark purply brown nude color with matching nail polish * add to cart!* These are my very first 3CE products!

31 March 2017

Innisfree - Ampoule Cover Cushion - C13 + Case Review

Innisfree Ampoule Cover Cushion C13 Review burgundy case 114 haul k beauty blog blogger 이니스프리 앰플 커버 쿠션 버건디 케이스
Super stylish
For a long time now I really wanted to try out Innisfree cushion foundation, but which one? So hard to choose. Then Innisfree came out with the Ampoule Cover cushion; a combination of 2 older versions. so the choise was now easy to make and around the same time they also released new cushion cases.

23 March 2017

My first Colourpop Haul, Customs Advice & Review + Kbeauty TIP

Colourpop matte satin glossy lip can you knot hutch sookie notion wink eyeshadow bill stereo bae puppy love haul review blog beauty
Wishlist items - check!
Long time ago on Black Friday or some day close to it; Colourpop had free international with no minimum limit. LOL I didn't even knew Colourpop was already shipping international, so extra happy to try out some items on my wishlist. Also super scary to order from this website since I didn't knew how their parcels would pass customs. Ready for my review and info on Colourpop & customs?!

11 March 2017

Bath & Body Works Winter to Spring Haul & Review

Bath & Body Works Stock Up Haul and Review fresh start winter spring candle soap pocketbac beauty blog blogger Cozy Favorites
A fresh new start
A few days before the new year I had purchases these items to make a fresh start in January. I really like fresh and clean scents in the beginning of the year with hints of floral & fruit scents to get me ready for Spring. These are really perfect!