23 September 2017

The Face Shop - Matt Touch Lipstick (MARVEL) - RD305 Review

The Face Shop Matt Touch Lipstick MARVEL RD305 Review 더페이스샵 매트터치 립스틱 마블 아이언맨 레드리뷰 kbeauty korean beauty blog blogger
Marvelous packaging!
The honest reason why I've bought this lipstick is seriously only because of the packaging. I know that sounds super shallow right haha! When I saw this packaging with the hexagon grid on it, I just wanted it so badly. I was not tempted by any other product from this themed collection of The Face Shop, because I'm not a huge Marvel "fan". I really love the movies, they are great, but that's how far it goes. So now is the question; is it all about the packaging or is the inside also worth talking about too?

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14 September 2017

COSRX - PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream Review

COSRX PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream Review moisturizer Jolse Kbeauty Korean beauty blogger skincare blog 코스알엑스 파하 모이스쳐 리뉴얼 파워 크림 리뷰 스킨케어 1
I gave in
This cream came out in Spring. I saw it promoted and reviewed by many, but I didn't care for it right away (I had so much COSRX products to empty first). Then every time I ordered at Jolse I got samples of this cream. In July I started using these samples and a month later I decided I really needed it, no matter what!

10 September 2017

Mother of Pumpkins - My Pumpkin Harvest

Mother of Pumpkins pumpkin harvest proud mommy got game of thrones beauty blogger kbeauty blog fall autumn september lifestyle daily life
I feel like such a proud mommy!
The past Spring and Summer I've put a lot of energy in growing pumpkins just for fun! Last Wednesday (Sep 6th) I've harvested almost all my pumpkins since it will be raining a lot the coming weeks with nice cold autumn temperatures. So I was not going to risk the life of my babies by letting them stay outside! Let me share a little bit more about them :)

08 September 2017

Life update: Getting Back on Track ♡

K beauty Korean Jolse skincare makeup haul COSRX Skinfood Touch in sol Neogen Nakeup Face Tiam Blogger Blog beauty back on track daily life updates 코스알엑스  스킨푸드 터치인솔 네오젠 네이크업페이스 티암
♡ Overexcited 
Lately, really recently, I get this tingly, urging feeling I want to blog your eyes off! Though my hard disk is still a mess with a half million photo's (mostly beauty related), but I'll dive right in and find the stuff that needs to see daylight asap! Very dramatic but that's kind of how I feel haha! I have an idea on how to share with you all the new and trendy beauty & life subjects and not leave the old (still juicy and just as important) alone in the dark. Keep on reading about what is to come and what is going to happen on my blog.

06 September 2017

Etude House - Dear My Matte Tinting Lips-Talk in BR401 & Case Haul & Review

Etude House Dear My Matte Tinting Lips Talk BR401 Lettering Brown  Case 26 Blooming Stripe Lipstick 디어 마이 매트 틴팅 립스 톡 레터링브라운 케이스 블루밍 스트라이프 Kbeauty Blog Blogger korean makeup swatches haul review testerkorea
I adore this packaging!
A while ago when the first collection of these kind came out I ordered one set; lipstick + case and I loved it! (review will come, I'll link you back when that post is ready) Now the second collection came out with a new formula and a range of new cases. I've chosen this brownish color(see swatch picture) with this packaging, it looks so vintage and cute! It totally takes me back to a place when I wasn't born yet! ;) 

20 August 2017

Life update: 99% sure Depo Provera messed up my body!

personal life hospital sunflower Osteopenia osteoporosis gynecologist depo provera BMD bone loss bone mineral density  dexascan dermatologist varicose veins surgery laser endovenous laser treatment blog k beauty blogger updates daily life
 Sunflower from the garden 
I'll start off with saying I'm happy and still agree with what I said last time "I really want to have fun, so that is what I'm going to have!" Then I wrote a post about the cleansing cream and then I just stopped. I'm still okay, but I've been just super busy with all these tests at the hospital and trying to fix my body. I wanted to share about what is going on and for some it might be an idea to quit Depo Provera as well. I got some serious after effects from it! (after effects are 25% fixed)

15 July 2017

Hope Girl - Jamong Cleansing Balm Review (spr Jolse)

Jamong, it's been so long!
Today I will be reviewing this cleansing balm for you. Jolse was 'recruiting' 30 reviewers a while ago to review this product. I entered because I'm a major grapefruit (jamong) fan and I got picked! YAY! I also received 3 other Hope Girl samples with this product; I will review these as well, just for extra.