About me

My name is Marjolein Kucmer, I'm 26 years old and live in the Netherlands. I started Blogging in December 2012 because it seems fun to me to have my own place on the internet to write about everything I want and share it with you.

I'm super in love/addicted with hexagons, honey, copper, wood and more... You'll see this back in my home decor and style of my room. The style of my room is also very pink & cute, new age & vintage. Personally I think to smile & be happy is key in life! I always try to see the positive sides of things. I'm terrible honest; I can't lie, if I do then you hear the truth within the next minute xD. So when I write reviews; those are honest, but never harsh :)

I'll write a lot of Hauls & Reviews posts, because I love doing that! About beauty stuff like; skincare, makeup, hair, fashion. I love gardening, DIY and baking, so you'll see posts about that too. I'll also write about just fun and lovely moments I've come across in my daily life. I really love a lot of things from Asia like music: Kpop, Jpop and Mandopop, "Rilakkuma!", home decor, skincare & makeup, food, drama series and more! So you will see posts about that too. Furthermore I'll leave it open, because there are so much more fun topics to blog about.

Now and then you'll see my dog Jofee in my blogposts, but you see him a lot more on my Instagram. He's now a 2 year old "puppy" and he's a bomb of energy! He has developed his own crazy, cute and weird routines and loves it. For example: In the morning he always want to lay on my lap with a bone he can chew on, while I'll eat my breakfast. He loves to cuddle so much and follows me everywhere, like sticky honey! :D He's really a "home, sweet home" dog; He loves to play, go crazy and chill at home more than going on trips to the woods or just walkies. Those are never longer then 15 to 20 minutes, then he gets excited and "asks" if we go home. 
He has more than 54 toys (bones not included), yes I've spoiled him :D. He has a cage downstairs and upstairs, he really prefers to sleep there for deep and long naps over his over beds and pillows. Plus he still sleeps with the same 3 toys from the beginning. He is very addicted to leaves, twigs etc and autumn is his favorite season. He truly loves to investigate everything and when someone comes home from shopping he insist on a haul and He even gets hyper when I saw the word skincare xD.
 People still say how beautiful white he "still" is. pff "still"... I brush him every day and keep his eyes clean with tiny comb 2 to 4 times a day. After walkies on dirty grass/ground; he goes into a small bath without shampoo. When he is really really dirty I wash him with shampoo for high sensitive skin with no perfume. So "still" white; no, it's again and forever :) Before "bathtime" I always let him play with a rubber duck in his bath tub (eventhough he takes showers now). He also has learned to brush his own hair! :D He knows a lot of commands and is eager to learn more. I've taught him to sing; his first two songs he learned were; "Let it go" from Frozen and a Dutch summer song. The third he learned on his first birthday
He's a crazy, cute, loving little man and his full personality has yet to be unfold even more.

Tara (rip)
Now and "often" you'll see my dog Tara in my blogposts. She is a 10 year old Blond Labrador and almost completely blind, luckily it doesn't affect her that much. She is 100% healthy and happy! She plays, sleeps, "hunts", eats, sunbades, she'll be around when I'm baking (you'll notice!) and sometimes she gets confused because of her blindness and within a 1 sec I'm with her "I'm her guide/seeing-eye leader." :)
Also when she got blind, she develleped an amazingly wide vocabulary. Its very cool!! She will find the difference between to almost similar words and does exacly what you say with such details! She suprises me everyday.
Sadly Tara passed away very suddenly on September 18th 2014, I'll miss her with all my heart and love her forever. What happened & how?; you can read that here.

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