About me

I'm Marjolein Kucmer and I live in the Netherlands.

Learning new things
Training Jofee
Watching TV series & movies
Gaming; mostly RPG's, FPS's & The Sims 4
 Riding my bicycle
Singing & listening to music
Applying Korean skincare & makeup on my face :)

Mind & Spirit
Personally I think to smile & be happy is key in life! I always try to see the positive sides of things. I'm terrible honest; I can't lie, if I do then you hear the truth within the next minute haha. For some reason I'm healthily obsessed with Hexagon shapes, since forever. I like to stay up late at night (sometimes until morning) to work on things, because I really enjoy the silence of the world.

Youtube Channel
I'm currently following a new passion and that's creating ASMR videos on Youtube
Here I hope to help you relax, get tingles, fall asleep, numb your mind, 
or even maybe help you focus while studying (tapping videos did that for me).
It's too early to name my topics ;)

I'm most active on Instagram. There I post about kinda everything I don't blog about anymore haha; Kbeauty, Kpop, Jofee, nature, baking, fitness and other random stuff.

About my blog
I started blogging in December 2012 because it seemed fun to me to have my own place on the internet to write about everything I wanted. I've written a lot of beauty hauls & reviews, because I loved doing that. I also enjoyed writing about gardening, candles, home decor, Asian candy & music, DIY's and baking. Early 2017 I kinda lost the interest to write beauty reviews and posts about these other topics. In the future I might use my blog to share personal updates, stories or maybe a haul catalog as an extension for my Youtube channel.