24 May 2014

Homemade delicious white bread + recipe!

Best bread ever!
The taste of this bread is so special, you could eat it every day but also eat it as a snack! When I was younger I didn't like bread that much only my mom's homemade bread and when she would bake this bread, I felt we had a party!(just an ordinary day ;)
I'm gonna share the recipe with you.

The Ingredients
The recipe is original from this book: "Gezond Lekker Eten" by "Vreni de Jong & Irmela Kelling" but we alter a lot of their recipes :)

So here we go
500 g of wheat flour
275 g lukewarm semi skimmed milk
11 g dry yeast
50 g sliced unsalted butter
7 g salt
1 egg yolk

50 g crystal sugar

I didn't use the optional sugar in this bread because I want to eat it with warm baked eggs and salads. If you want to eat it with strawberry jam, chocolate paste, then adding the sugar would be nice ;)
Baking time again!
When I was taking pictures, she suddenly got the scent 
of the egg and came running towards me :D

*Egg please!*
Such a big girl, standing and all haha. 
Jumping is kind of rude maybe but I said she could do it :P

Kenwood time!
So I'm using my Kenwood to mix everything and make dough. This is a strong kitchen machine (don't just use a hand mixer!) You could also do this by hand and spoon.

0. Preheat your oven at 40 degrees Celsius and I'm using a fan oven.

By mixer:
1. Stir the dry ingredients together; wheat flour, salt and the yeast. Do this with a wooden spoon with a hole inside.
2. Now place your bowl under your kitchen machine, place the dough hook and add the egg yolk and a little bit of the milk.
3. Now turn on the machine on the lowest stetting. When it's well mixed together; add a little bit more milk. Every time you see the milk disappear in your dough; add more.
4. Now all the ingredients are mixed well and you turn the machine 1 or 2 settings higher, what you prefer.
5. Mix this until your dough feels like chewing gum when you squeeze it between your fingers.

By hand and spoon
1. Take 2 tablespoons out of the bowl with 500 g wheat flour and leave it aside in another small bowl.
2. Stir the dry ingredients together; wheat flour (- 2 table spoons), salt and the yeast. Do this with a wooden spoon with a hole inside.
3. Now add the egg and a little bit of milk and keep stirring with that wooden spoon. Every time you don't see any more milk you'll add more. Yes this is gonna be heavy on your arms. When all milk is gone inside the dough, keep stirring till you can go on and you spoon is stuck in there.
4. Take the mini bowl with the left over flour and sprinkle a bit on a clean surface, place the dough (probably sticky) and sprinkle more on top of the dough.
5. Now you're gonna knead the dough. First you're gonna push the dough in the middle outwards with your palms. Then fold the front part inwards again and also fold both side to the middle. Do this over and over again till all left over flour is kneaded in good and you dough feels like chewing gum when you squeeze it between your fingers.

Moving on
6. Fold you chunk of dough into a pretty ball and make sure all fold parts are at one side.
7. Place the ball of dough with the pretty side up into your used mixing bowl and place a damp kitchen towel or a plastic bag/foil (I use foil) over the bowl, so the dough will not dry out.
8. Now place the bowl into your 40 degrees Celsius preheated oven. Don't start the timer! This is only for dough rising. Close the door and leave it there for 45 min.
9. After 45 min you take out the dough and fold it again with the folding parts on the other side into kind of rectangular shape. Now it's easily fit into a loaf pan/cake pan. (I'm using a cake pan because these are slightly smaller and now you'll get a prettier round top than in a loaf pan (flat top!)
10. Preheat your oven again at 40 degrees Celsius.
10. In the oven again (without timer!) Place the damp towel or plastic bag/ foil on top again. Shut the door and wait 45 min.

I'm proud!
11. Take out the risen non baked bread and keep all windows and doors shut. Now preheat your "fan" oven at 220 Degrees Celsius. 
12. When done preheating place the bread into the oven and bake it 30 minutes.
Check it after 20 min if the crust won't burn. If so lower the heat and move on.
13. Now softly knock with your wooden spoon on the top and if you hear a kind of hollow sound; it's done! If you're not sure take a skewer and pierce your bread and when it comes out dry you also know it's done.
14. Take the bread immediately out of the pan and let it cool down on a ovenrek for a long time, I think for 2 hours (warm bread is not yummy!) 

Take it, bake it!
So if you scroll up again you see how the bread looks from the inside. It is so rich, yummy and delicious. I'm not really a bread fan, butI'm loving this! I really recommend it if you have children because the taste is so soft! When we used to bake this bread "with the sugar" it was on festive days because it was so yummy!!

My dinner!
I'm having 2 slices of my own baked bread, 
a thin layer of 75% less fat-mayonnaise 
Organic young cheese.
Cucumber and 1 tomato.
Some salt and pepper.
When I was finished eating this I was full and happy!
The bread slices maybe look small but it fills like a normally sized slice of bread.

In my next blogpost you'll find a 
deluxe apple variation of this recipe!

If you have tried this recipe or planning to 
Please let me know in the comments down below!