04 September 2014

The Sims 4 review + Creating a cute cottage: exterior

The sims 4 cottage farm old medieval house stone home garden gardening flowers cute adorable me blond asian wood let's play
Let's chat about the Sims 4 and my cute cottage!
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So today I installed the Sims 4 and perfect timing because I feel ill and I always love to play the Sims when it's raining or when I feel like sh*t. I'm kind of 50/50 about this game and I hope they really patch it up. I'll tell you my first opinion about this game, what I love and what I hate about it. Also I'm going to show you the little cottage I've made. Only the exterior because I just paused the game to write this post, after I'll continue with the interior. Read further to see the back picture.

My first opinion
I love and hate this game.
It feels like they've send us back in time to the Sims 2 with a combination of Sims Social from Facebook (that they've deleted) I wonder now because if they've deleted that game on facebook because they knew it was almost gonna be the same. "Sims social with now more 3d effect but still so limited" Also what I hate is that they've deleted the option of patterns and the color wheel. No they give us the this preset of color options like we had in the Sims 2, How annoying is that right?! I always use patterns and the colorwheel, a must for builders! The Camera movements is hell and to place objects is also bit different. You can set the camera back to the Sims 3 settings, but you remember the edge scrolling right.. they removed the bottom edge scroll effect. So if you're building and you want to move back, normally you hold your cursor against the edge of the bottom screen floating about the bar with all the say what trees to buy, they won't let you! The create a Sim is so limited, they make it look like you can change everything but the changes are so tiny and limited. Yes now you can change the whole body, that's cool but the face options are just too limited. 

So what I like about this game is the kind of comic texture layer on everything, Kind of that Sims Social feel but more 3D and more HD. The movements of the Sims so far is also cool. These extra special walk features are very cool, though I let my Sim walk normal xD. The game is super duper fast, I don't have to wait for loading at all, that's a real change! Love that! The game does give you that clean smooth feel although you do see that curved edges are still very pointy, It's just the feel they give you. What I do like it the option in create a Sim that you can place hats on your Sims hair and not have to select a new hairstyle with a hat. I quite like to play this game so far because in my Sims 3 I have like 50000 custom content in there so loading is hell and choosing how to decorate your house is endless. So if you don't like making too much choices, then now is your chance :D

My cottage
So I wanted to try and make a cottage. I'm going for that cute old farmy medieval-like cottage in 2014 :) This was super duper hard to make because of the tiny, tiny amount of choices of stuff for building you have in the build section. I wanted round wood siding that gives you that loggers hut feel.. nope only fancy modern sidings. The options are so limited, I think I took all the options there were to make this. Sure with my own style and stuff :P

The front
The picture at the top
I wantd to have a porch with a tiny stairs, sure it's a big cottage but I wanted to give it that small feel. Also the door part I made it tile back to give it a smaller look with shadows. Did some long playing with the roof and decided to curve them a little bit to give it a mystical effect. Of course lots of flowers and ground paint to make it look more real or else you have that really game feel and you want to dive into the game :)

The sims 4 cottage farm old medieval house stone home garden gardening flowers cute adorable me blond asian wood let's play
The back
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So This time I've played a very, very long time with placing flowers so make it messy and realistic. I'm a perfectionist so it's natural to me to make everything cymmetric xD. I think I did an amazing job at placing the flowers. That fountain is cute but I'm not sure yet, maybe it needs more flowers around it. The reason for my super large backyard is I want my Sim to go and play gardening and grow stuff. Sims habit, always need to farm :D On this porch I'm planning to add a barbeque if there is one and an outside table with some chairs. I wonder If I could place a natural pond kind of something, Only think I saw was a fountain tool. Also I see that there is a lonely window planter,, forgot to remove that when I replaced a window xD. I would want to live here! My Sim me is lucky! ;)

Please do share what you think of my cottage and 
if you are planning on playing The Sims 4?

Stay tuned for more Sims 4 fun!