07 September 2014

The Sims 4 Review: Scaling objects is awesome!!

A Victorian midnight mystery.
So I found out that in the Sims 4 you have a scaling tool! well not a tool but some key-bindings to scale all items in the Sims! Best thing ever!! My opinion has changed a lot since my fist review, way less angry and much more love! This opinion change you'll see in the second cottage update. today I'll tell you about scaling! :D

The key-bindings
When you have an object in your hand,
Press left Shift + ] to size it up 
Press left Shift + [ to  size it down.

The object can't be sized down from its original size. But you can scale it up insanely huge :D Also there is no "moveobjects on" cheat (yet?) But with this scaling options gardening has become super easy. Say you have some tiny bush of lavender and you want to really make a large bush for under you window. just scale it up ones and tadaa, but hmm I also want another bush close to it, closer than normal. With that scaling tool the grid size of the scaled item will not enlarge so much as the object itself ;) Do note that this scaling option is great for decoration, plants and house construction. Not great for furniture or useable objects because your Sim wont use scaled objects.

So today I'm building a new house already, don't ask me yet what It's going to be, yes it looks a bit Victorian but that's just a part of it ;)... I wanted some plant in the corner of the lot so I thought let's play with rocks and maybe we can place a plant in the middle. And yes! I scaled up a tiny rose bush a few times and tadaa! :D Also I've painted the ground a bit with dirt to make it more realistic :D

I'm loving the Sims 4 more and more!
Good night or have a great day!