09 May 2015

Cosmetic Love A·TRUE & Etude House Haul

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit beauty cotton pads help finger eye lip mascara remover
Cotton goodies and more!
A short while ago I've received my new order from Cosmetic Love. I've placed this order because they had 15% off Etude House and some epic order heavy deals. I love to shop with discount, who doesn't? But This is really a shopping rule for me, never buy the full prize or it's a gods gift and you are in time limit. Let's haul!

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit 10 samples included
A·TRUE - Starter Kit
$13.04 / 10 samples / Link to product
Sweet Song Black Tea One-step Cleansing Water 20ml: Effectively removes daily makeup, impurities, and even eye and lip makeup without any burning or irritating feelings.
White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence 20ml: It prevents over-production of melanin while illuminating the skin to reveal a radiant complexion.
Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Toner 2ml: The essential toner smoothly absorbs into the skin, delivering deep hydration to maintain a relaxed and moist skin.
Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Moisturizer 2ml: The ultimate nutritious moisturizer helps maintain hydration for a healthier skin to recover that natural and radiant look.
Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Essence 2ml: Smooth and soft textures help in quick absorption acting as a solution to the empty spots of the dermis and epidermis helping elevate the resilience of the skin.
Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Cream 2ml: Moisturizing Complex and Hydrating Factors help in maintaining natural skin moisture to balance and reduce the first signs of ageing.
Real Black Tea True Active Essence 2ml: A bottle of naturally double fermented True Active Essence improves the natural vital power, restoring the skin¡¯s original rhythm.
Black Tea All Day Aqua Sun Gel 2g: The daily sun gel helps refresh your skin, giving it a more radian look.
Himalaya Black Tea Moist Deep Cream 2gx2: The smooth whip cream texture quickly absorbs and delivers both moisture and nutrition into the skin.

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit My Beaty Tool Embossed Cotton Puff Soft Silky Cotton
Etude House - My Beauty Tool Soft Silky Cotton
$3.74 / 80pcs / Link to product
100 % of Soft Cotton sheet like silk give you the neat finish without fiber residue on the skin.

Etude House - My Beauty Tool Embossed Cotton Puff 
$3.74 / 150pcs / Link to product
Thick embossment relieves the skin stress when using cotton pad. 150 pcs of 100 % cotton pad.

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit My Beauty Tool Round Clear Cotton
Etude House - My Beauty Tool Round Clear Cotton 
2x $4.23 / 80pcs / Link to product
Round clear cotton pad for makeup removal and skin cleansing.

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit Pink Pass Membership Gift Remover Set all finish mascara eye lip 3 Layer Cotton Puff
Pink Pass Membership Gift Remover Set
$14.90 / 250ml+100ml+60pcs / Link to product
My Beauty Tool 3 Layer Cotton Puff 60pcs: This is a 3 layered cotton pad which is detachable one by one . Has soft touch without pilling and minimizes the skin stimulus.
Lip And Eye Remover 250ml: The mild lip and eye remover effectively removes heavy eye and lip makeup.
All Finish Pearl & Mascara Remover 100ml: This product removes colorful glitter makeup and deep mascara and other color makeup without causing irritation. Fermented rice water and Green Tea Extract helps cleansing. It Also Contains Olive sprout and Lotus extract to protect lip and eye area.
How to Use
Lip And Eye Remover: Shake well before each use. Apply to eye & lip area using soft cotton or tissue.
All Finish Pearl & Mascara Remover: Shake well before using. Saturate cotton ball with remover. Cleanse one eye area at a time. Apply to eye area and hold for several seconds, then wipe with downward strokes. Repeat using fresh cotton ball if necessary. Use a new saturated cotton ball or tissue for lipstick removal. Rinse with cool water.

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit beauty cotton pads Help My Finger Nail Ampoule
Etude House - Help My Finger Nail Ampoule
$5.45 / 10ml / Link to product
For Crumbled Nail, It gives Nutrients to Nail with Vitamin and Vegetable Oil.
How to Use
Apply a layer to your nails to make them healthier and stronger.

cosmetic love haul korean skincare etude house A·TRUE starter kit beauty cotton pads help finger cc cream correct care silky
Etude House - CC Cream SPF30/PA++ - #1 Silky
Gift -12x 2g
They always give samples, mostly a lot from one or two products. They wrap their products nicely and ship save with optional tracking code.

My reason to shop
I had to buy the A·TRUE tin again, it's so cute and the samples inside are just amazing so perfect repurchase! I really wanted to try out these cotton pads, I'm loving the Basic care ones from Etude House. I also really wanted the round ones for in my round container and to try them out of course :) I haven't tried them yet, because I always empty one box at a time. Also yes here the cotton pads are like a dollar more expensive than at Etude House online store, but F them because they promise you heaven and give you hell with large customs bills, they suck and I rather pay just a few dollar more and buy them at Cosmetic Love and know I get my products without that high customs bill ;) I was dreaming to try out the Etude House eye & lip remover for so long and everywhere it costs around 12 to 15 dollars and now for $15 you get that, the mascara remover (also a recent dream!) and more cotton pads! :D so yeah epic deal! Still have to empty my current eye & lip remover first ;) The nail ampoule is amazing, I've used it yesterday after I had to remover my nail polish (ruined it by roughly opening packages) You just apply one drop only your fingernail and spread it all over it and onto your cuticles a bit (would probably be good too) and let it absorb it, which is does. after your nails look so much better and healthy, super weird but cool! I'm super duper happy with these samples, because I've recently spoke in another haul that I've wanted to try out the silky one of this cc cream, now is my chance! :D

Feel free to request a review for any product in this haul.
Btw for a full review on A·TRUE (samples) check here.