17 May 2015

Huge Epic Etude House Haul & Review #1 Part 1: Cosmetics

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay super huge korean cosmetics beauty
Heaven part 1!
There it is, my heavenly huge Etude House order I've placed at EtudeHouse2012 on Ebay! When I unwrapped it all, it truly felt like I was a little princess on her royal birthday! This entire haul is divided in two parts, to avoid a never ending haul post. This is part one and I'll discuss all the cosmetic items.

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay blooming leg remover mask help finger
There is it, the half! In this post I will write about why and how I chose some of the products. I'll review some of the products, because I don't want to open them all up at once. If you see an un reviewed item and you really want me to review that item, you can always ask me in the comment down below this post. These items are bought in collection sets and as single items, but all set items are also available as single items.

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay I'm Blooing deep moisture sebum control mist
Etude House - I'm Blooming Mist - Deep Moisture & Sebum Control
2x 150ml / Link to product
Contains 81,9% of rape flower honey water instead of purified water to offer richer moisturizing feeling. Creates moisturizing veil on skin to protect hydration for hours. Flower extract from nature creates healthy skin. This item is a starter, toner, essence, booster, mist nad moisture fixer all in one.

I absolutely love these mists and cried when Jolse removed them from their store (sold out), I had bought the Deep moisture mist before and wrote shortly about it here. When I saw EtudeHouse2012 had it, I jumped! I really wanted another one of the Deep Moisture mist and really wanted to try out the Sebum Control one! That one would be perfect for when summer is here. These mists smell so amazingly soft and flowery. Super happy I got them!!

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay I Need You wash off pack Honey Yogurt
Etude House - I Need You Wash-Off Pack - Yogurt & Honey
2x 12g, 4 types / Link to product
Two facial massage packs; one formulated with fruits and yogurt and the other one with herbs and honey, both to soften, nourish and replenish skin. Yogurt with apple, raspberry, kiwi and apricot extracts and honey with ginseng, red ginseng, cactus and angelica extracts.

No review yet, but first impression
But I really wanted to try these out because one is honey, so DUH and the other one reminds me of a sweet summer, and recently I've been loving smutchy packs, they are fun and work very effective! I can't wait!

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay Nail Remover mild extra strong pump
Etude House - Nail Remover - #1 Mild & #2 Extra Power + Pump
Nail Remover Mild will remove nail color gently with less acetone. Nail Remover Extra Power will remove even glitters clean and easy with its extra power. A convenient liquid dispenser, can be used for nail polish or toner or anything you like. 

No review yet, but first impression
I really wanted the pump lol Kidding I've been painting my nails so often lately I really needed some new nail polish remover and bought too many lol. I've ordered the Mild set and the seller told me one bottle was switched for the Extra Powder so I could try them both out :) I actually want another one of these pumps I think they are also perfect for toners etc, but to reuse a pump that had nail polish remover in it.. hmm so need to repurchase ;)

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay help my finger nail finger pack
Etude House - Help my finger nail finger pack
2x 6ml, 2 hands / Link to product
This Nail Finger Pack moistens and brightens up frequently colored, dull fingernails and its surrounding area for 10 to 15 minutes.

No review yet, but first impression
I've bought one and the seller was so kind to gift me another one, which is too kind! :D I actually bought this with two reasons, I had some issues with delayed payment and so I tested another payment method and it worked. this item was my test haha. Also I really wanted to try out a special nail mask, I never ever had tried a mask like these. Since I've been playing around with nail polish and nail remover etc, my nails are ready for a treatment like this! 

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay Leg Stretching Body Care cream band patch
Etude House - Leg Stretching - Cream, Patch, & Pressure Band
150ml + 13.5g x2 + Set / Link to product
Cream: This leg stretching cream gives cooling effect and sooth tired legs with pumpkin and red bean extracts. Light gel type cream is quickly absorbed with non sticky.
Patch: Special hydro gel patch soothes and gives cooling effect to tired legs. Pumpkin extract and caffeine soothes tired legs giving refreshment.
Pressure Band: Softly fitted on stressed and tired legs giving fresh leg condition. Pressure depends on areas, provides comfortable application.

Socks Review
My naked feet and very sexy pj pants haha xD I wasn't sure if I would post this picture, never loving to show naked feet on my blog, but I thought people need to see that 180cm tall me fits these!! When they came out of the tube I thought; hell ever I'm going to fit in these, but I do and they feel so super duper soft, looks cute and pink! Why did I bought these, I have 2 little varicose veins and my doctor said keep up what you are doing with losing weight and then when you're done; you can let them get imploded (it's safer to wait when your weight is steady) But what helps in the meantime when you have bloated feet or tired legs; you can wear socks "like these"! Why do I have these varicose veins so early in life; I'm 180cm tall and not athlete, those things combined happens often to tall ladies. So for all the ladies who are tall and have lazy veins or ladies who've worked all day or something and have tired legs, these fit amazing and heavenly! Plus they're not suffocating you (wearable in hot weather!) :D

Cream Review
This cream has a very strong peppermint scent but somehow it's also very soft in the same time, super weird! The cream is more a gel like consistency which spreads super fast and wide. it really gives you a cold and fresh feeling to your legs and it soothes them instantly. When you wait shortly for it to absorb and put on your pants again, you legs will still feel cold and calm! I absolutely love this!

Patch No review yet, but first impression
When the day comes and I think my legs could really use a treatment, I'll use this. Probably after a day working in the garden, or shopping on heels or after my running routine with Jofee.

EtudeHouse2012 Mega Epic Etude House Super Haul Review Goodies kawaii cute pink ebay blooming leg remover mask help finger 2
Free samples part 1
Etude House - Pearl Aura Brightening Essence x2
Etude House - Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit x3
Etude House - Nymph Aura Volumer x2
Etude House - Moistfull Super collagen Ampoule Essence x2
Etude House - Face Blur x3
Etude House - Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear &All day Matte Gel x1
Etude House - Pearl Aura Brightening Essence Lotion x3
Etude House - Darling + Repairing Rich Cream x1
Etude House - GoBack Firming Eye Cream x1
Etude House - Age defense Wrinkle Eye Cream x1

I'm super duper grateful for all the samples! So much of these samples I don't have in fullsize products yet, I'm mega curious to try them out!! Thank you so very, very much!

Click the name above to visit this amazingly epic shop!
This seller will take good care of your packages; Your package it nicely wrapped with bubble plastic. When your products are breakable, your package will have a label on it. All my packages from EtudeHouse2012 had a shipping time no longer than 13 days (including the weekends!) This seller will give you great samples and is a very kind person! Do check out this store, it's epic! :D

I hope you've enjoyed this part 1 of my very large Etude House haul & review

Stay tuned for always more Etude House!