04 November 2014

All about Jofee!

*What's my name?*
In this blogpost I'm gonna tell you about Jofee's name, a bit about how and why I got "him" and details really about him! :D He's sleeping now and tonight we're going to a puppy party for him to meet more puppies :D Also he turned 11 weeks today, parteey!

Jofee Kucmer
Birth name: Reu Blanco
Birthday: August 19th 2014
Zodiac: Lion
Breed: Maltese

Why did I got a male dog?
I really wanted another dog after Tara to keep my routine alive. I felt alone and missed the life around me. But my new dog must be 100% different from Tara so I can never ever compare the dog to her. So a small dog, lap dog, long hair and a male dog. 

Why did I got a Maltese
Well I figured this out after we got him; all the dogs we ever owned have floppy ears and a not so pointy nose, so I think thats a factor we fall for :) Also I was very sure about this breed because I've kinda seen an over 2 years review of this breed on the Sacconejole's. They have six Maltese and there quite hyper and barky. But I'm certain I can keep the barking in check and about the hyper, well be happy I think :) Also I love to really keep him pretty and brushed :)

Our first meeting
I went searching online for a Maltese puppies and found a nest of 5 puppies that were only 5 weeks old. She didn't live so far away so we could visit next weekend. There were already 4 puppies sold, so we only had 1 choice left. He was called Reu Blanco (meaning male blank) All the other puppies had their top of their tale marked with a bit of nailpolish and his tail was clean. He directly loved me and gave me kisses. When I put him on the ground with his family he kept looking at me and then he wanted me to pick him up again. His family was just jumping around to something they didn't know. Next week I could visit him again; to just show my face to him again and we played so happy. The mother saw me as a threat(new mammy) so she tried to keep him from me.

7,5 weeks
Jofee came home! More on this in another blogpost :)

Why Jofee?
I was looking for names that are short, sound warm and have a happy or hyper ending feel to it. I kept searching and thinking of names and so many names I thought of; I already knew a person with that name and I was like, nahh hate that person, naah that person is boring etc. I wanted a fresh name or a very positive name for him. Then I thought of Jofee. But who is Jofee...

Jofee is the nickname of Jonathan Saccone Joly.
He is the husband of a lovely wife, has 2 little happy children and has 6 Maltese dogs. He is the main camera holder in the Vlog channel; The SacconeJoly's. The vlogs are really his (editing etc), he started the channel a long while ago and it's his vision was to share his life with us and bring us joy. And I've been watching it since 2 years (since the puppies were born) and all I ever felt watching the vlogs was happiness, joy, warmth etc. So I thought because his dogs made me want a Maltese, His vlogs makes me happy and his nickname is amazing and matches my Jofee's character :D=
And now when I call Jofee I think of Jofee, my little joyful puppy (not the man behind the vlog camera) So this name became my puppy! :D

Jofee turned 11 weeks today and he's sleeping like rose. I need to wake him now, because he needs to do peepees, have dinner, play some more and be brushed etc. After we're going to the puppy party! :D So see you next time!