13 November 2014

Jofee's autumn garden adventure

*Let's take this twig and...*
This "photoshoot" was a while ago, he has grown a bit since then. Now I got the time to share it with you, Jofee has played with a big football and now just has crashed on my foot. so he's out for a short while. In this blogpost Jofee shows his autumn and nature addictions ;) also his covers as Maltese has blown :O

*La la la what?!*
"Shall we go play outside?!"
He loves the color blue and mostly picks out his own toys at the shop :O

Good & Bad
So he's not allowed to set his feet in the borders and he just found out about my Rosemary plant :P

*YES! more!*
This is him right after he got a correction on his behavior. He somehow loves it, goes mentally insane and starts sprinting around with anything he can find at that moment close to him.

*Please try and get me*
So this is when he stops and challenges me to come after him again. So cute, but sometimes so annoying when he eats something that isn't aloud or he needs to go inside.

*Nobody knows but I'm an undercover Meerkat whuhahaha*
Kidding, he actually thinks *What is that!?* But he looks so much like a Meerkat xD His first time seeing that flower and after this picture; he had it in his mouth. no worries the flower lives :)

I was trying to get Jofee to pose for a nice autumn picture :p

*What addiction?*
So since it's autumn and Jofee's first moments outside was with autumn leaves, he got himself an leaf addiction :P 

Everywhere he goes the autumn leaves follow, even inside!

I started writing this blogpost around dinner time, now it's bedtime. yes I forgot to write the end. you don't notice it, duh ;) things are still chaos over here :) So good night, sorry for typos, I'll fix them tomorrow ;)... A new day and typos are gone! :D

Stay tuned for more Jofee fun!