07 April 2015

Amazing almond cookies for everyday of the year + Recipe!

almond cookies recipe amandel koekjes recept gewond lekker eten flour butter almonds sugar vanilla 1
Truly the best!
In my entire life this is the best basic everyday cookie recipe I've ever made! Everything is in balance and they taste godly! This is a recipe all from scratch, so easy for you to make at home too! Also this recipe doesn't take too much. So what do you say, wanne try?! :)

Baking advise!
On the picture you see only the half of the recipe, because the other half was still in the oven. You can easily divide the recipe in half, I would advise you to do so when you try out this recipe for the first time. If you may not like these or maybe make a mistake in the measurements then you don't waste good ingredients. I always make a half of a recipe when I try out anything new so I advise you to also do this.

Full recipe (40 cookies!)

The ingredients (± 600g)
125 grams of soft unsalted butter
125 grams of cane sugar
1 egg
 a pinch of salt
50 grams of peeled almonds
200 grams of wheat flour
100 grams of almond flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon of baking powder

I've used a wooden spoon and my hands to create these, but you can also use a hand mixer to mix the ingredients and then use your hands after. You also need two big bowls and some smaller to measure ingredients in, a scale who knows grams, a (wooden)spoon, a hand chopper or knife, teaspoon, and you have to know your oven.

Your oven
I have a fan and an electric oven, I've baked these in my electric oven; who is also a very hot oven, so I always have to lower my temperature. Be sure you know your oven and keep checking on them if everything goes well.

How to create them
1. Preheat your oven to 180°C electric or 160°C / 175°C fan.
(Mine were baked in my 'hot' electric oven with a temp of 160°C)
2. Take a baking sheet and place it on your baking tray, you can re-use this sheet for the second half because on my tray only fits 20 cookies.
3. Stir the butter with the sugar soft and smooth in your main bowl.
4. Take your almonds and chop them in tiny bits (still in bits, else you have flour).
5. Take your second bowl and add your almond flour, wheat flour, salt, vanilla sugar, baking powder, chopped almonds and mix them well together with a spoon.
6. Then add your egg to your butter and sugar mixture and mix well.
7. Mix now the dry ingredients slowly with the butter, egg and sugar mixture until you get a nice a smooth dough.
8. Divide the dough in 2 and make a roll out of both with a diameter of around 5 cm and with a length of 20 cm. Also softly hit both ends on the table so the end becomes more flat for the "end" cookies.
9. Wrap these in cling film and put these in the fridge for 15 to 20 minutes.
10. Now put 1 roll in your refrigerator and take the other one out. Take a sharp knife and divide the roll in 4 pieces and then those small pieces into 5 slices from around to 7 mm. 
11. Place the slices on your baking tray with sheet in 4 rows of five.
12. Place the tray in the middle of your oven and bake them for 15 minutes. Keep close to your oven to check them. After around 15 minutes they look like my cookies.
13. Take them directly off the baking tray and let them cool down on a baking rack. for like half an hour and then you can eat them.
14. When totally cooled down for like 2 hours on in the open air, you can seal these off in a cookie box and keep them tasty for 3 weeks!
15. Now do step 10 to 14 again with the roll in the refrigerator.

almond cookies recipe amandel koekjes recept gewond lekker eten flour butter almonds sugar vanilla 1
So yummy!
The taste is very soft and heavenly. Sweet enough but not too sweet. The bite is hard and then your teeth softly sink into the middle. Its crumbly but not in a dry way. It's also crunchy, because of the bits of almonds in there. I say best basic cookie I've ever made. I've often tried basic cookies but lots of recipes where too dry or too floury, or too sweet.

This cookie is basic and a good treat for everyday of the year.

Gain weight with my baking's... NO!
I've been baking a lot lately, trying out all new and old recipes just for fun and to check if I can make my daily diet bigger so I have more variety. I'm also keeping a close eye on my weight because I'm also on a weight loss diet made by me; eat more healthy, eat less but don't starve! But my "healthy" is not weird ingredients etc. Like low kcal muffins with the weirdest ingredients you have no idea they existed. More healthy like baking your own muffins and knowing how much of everything you want to add in there and no weird chemicals, factories put in there. Back to my baking's: Five days in a row I've made different muffins and cupcakes all very tasty and every time 6 each. So 2 for me, 2 for my mom and 2 for my sister We ate these in the evening watching our favorite TV series. Then we wondered after a while this is fun but this is not really great for your weight so much treats every evening. Because we all knew our weight and stepped on the scale... Mom and sister both didn't gain an ounce and I even lost weight! So the baking is a succes and works perfect with my weight loss diet! So NO worries; you can eat and enjoy my baking's and keep your figure!

Stay tuned for more recipes!