20 April 2015

Cosmetic Love A·TRUE & Secret Key Haul and Shop Review!

cosmetic love haul korean skincare secret key A·TRUE  starter kit dragon blood essence honey bee's ac control mist  cc bubble all in one cleanser
Needed to shop some more :)
For a long time now, I really wanted two of these products from Secret Key but I was waiting for a good discount. I've received this order a while ago when Cosmetic Love had a 15% off Secret Key sale. This realy came in handy for me and even better they introduced A·TRUE to their shop and with it the cute tin with samples!

korean skincare cosmetics beauty cosmetic love haul secret key A·TRUE starter kit maltese jofee puppy
A·TRUE - Starter Kit
$13.04 / 10 samples / Link to product
Sweet Song Black Tea One-step Cleansing Water 20ml: Effectively removes daily makeup, impurities, and even eye and lip makeup without any burning or irritating feelings.
White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence 20ml: It prevents over-production of melanin while illuminating the skin to reveal a radiant complexion.
Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Toner 2ml: The essential toner smoothly absorbs into the skin, delivering deep hydration to maintain a relaxed and moist skin.
Rose Petal Black Tea Enriching Moisturizer 2ml: The ultimate nutritious moisturizer helps maintain hydration for a healthier skin to recover that natural and radiant look.
Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Essence 2ml: Smooth and soft textures help in quick absorption acting as a solution to the empty spots of the dermis and epidermis helping elevate the resilience of the skin.
Darjeeling Black Tea First Anti-wrinkle Cream 2ml: Moisturizing Complex and Hydrating Factors help in maintaining natural skin moisture to balance and reduce the first signs of ageing.
Real Black Tea True Active Essence 2ml: A bottle of naturally double fermented True Active Essence improves the natural vital power, restoring the skin¡¯s original rhythm.
Black Tea All Day Aqua Sun Gel 2g: The daily sun gel helps refresh your skin, giving it a more radian look.
Himalaya Black Tea Moist Deep Cream 2gx2: The smooth whip cream texture quickly absorbs and delivers both moisture and nutrition into the skin.

korean skincare cosmetics beauty cosmetic love haul secret key cc bubble all in one cleanser
Secret Key - CC Bubble All In One Cleanser
$12.78 / 210g / Link to product
No more bothering double wash! All in one easily & clean! One step cleasing in spite of oily type, with fine & soft bubbles caused by spreading on face, this product melts base makeup as well as deep lipstick or deep smoky makeup in one time without stimulus. Can reduce the number of bothering stages of cleansing And you can remove makeup fast & simply with low stimulus & use it softly. 5 Free System : No artificial coloring, no mineral oil, no benzophenon, No phenoxyethanol, no animal oil.
How to Use
Spread it softly on dry skin with no moisture after pumping it 2-3 times on the palm. Then, make bubble richer after getting your palm wet slightly. Rinse off with warm water in the end.

korean skincare cosmetics beauty cosmetic love haul secret key honey bee's ac control mist
Secret Key - Honey Bee's AC Control Mist 
$8.49 / 100ml / Link to product
Trouble relief, skin collagen filling. Sebum control, pore reduction. Skin moisturizing, skin sothing and anti-aging.
How to Use
Close your eyes and spray the product 20cm away from your face several times. Then, gently pat your face until absorbed.

korean skincare cosmetics beauty cosmetic love haul secret key dragon blood essence
Secret Key - Dragon Bloody Essence
$11.83 / 30ml / Link to product 
Firming the skin : Contained Croton Lechleri Resin Extract, alias Dragon's Blood. It has an effect of firming the skin and caring the wrinkle caused by dryness, tiredness and change of the skin. Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement (Dual functionality) : It is a dual functional essence. Adenosine helps to improve wrinkle. Niacinamide inhibits producing melanin in the skin so it helps to maintain your skin clean and clear. Moisturizing : It offers moisture and nutrition to the skin. Absorbed fast without stickiness and keep moisture long in the skin. 5 Free : It is excluded from paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, and animal oil.
How to Use
Dispense an appropriate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture from inside to outside and pat lightly with absorbed. (Can be used from face to neck)

cosmetic love haul korean skincare secret key A·TRUE starter kit dragon blood essence honey bee's ac control mist cc bubble all in one cleanser sample
My sister also bought the Secret Key - Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel and so she got the other half of the samples, which are the same ones. Like the previous time I've shopped from Cosmetic love they do give samples but only from one or two items, but I'm greatful! What I'm not so happy about is that their shop is not up to date with their stock. And so with their regrets they had to tell me an item was not in stock (from my newest order) but this also happens with roseroseshop. I do find it irritating when they don't know their stock. Also As you can see the CC bubble all in one cleaser is not a 100% full because it had leaker over the other products. But they do wrap it up good but not good enough they give samples, that's sweet and they have nice deals and products.

My reason to shop
I love A·TRUE and the tin the samples came in was so adorable, I just had to have it. Also before I'm going to buy their fullsixed products I need to empty my Memebox collection first because I don't want to mix it all up. The Honey mist is something on my wishlist for so long already and now I finally bought it... why, because its honey! :D The cc bubble cleanser, I was just curious to try it out. The dragon blood essence I've only bought for it's name xD

Feel free to request a review for any product in this haul.
Btw for a full review on A·TRUE (samples) check here.