20 April 2015

Hanaka Chinese Herbal Body Spray & Toner Review!

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Here we go!
A week ago I've posted a Haul From Yesstyle on my blog and Moissanom asked me to review these to product from Hanaka. I have tested these two products for one week and found out that one product it totally horror and the other is totally heaven!

Before reading
I'm going to tell you everything instead of showing you pictures, I don't like showing this type of TMI pictures on my blog, so I'm going to describe it all with words.

Hanaka - Chinese Herbal Oil-Contral Body Spray
*A body spray which helps reduce the appearance of impurities and acne on your back.*
At the beginning on the week I head some 4 small, 2 already healing 2 new infections on my back. So when I talk about infections I talk about a clogged pore being red and ouchy but small like a normal teenage thingy. So after I've started using this spray my my old infections were gone but I got a lot of new ones back and bigger and so painful. You know those ones glowing red and really underneath your skin which makes you crazy. I was like "noo the sun and I look like this!" So yeah this was a hell for me and this never happened to me so much at one time. Talking about 5 big and 7 small. So I've only used this product 5 days and I'm healing already. Also it smells horribly, like mint or something but so strong my eyes started to burn and tear from it (I did sprayed it on my back lol). I've just throw the bottle empty but I keep the spray bottle because it's a really goot spray for water or something because it sprays really to the point and strong. But this is a no buy!!

Hanaka - Chinese Herbal Refining Treatment Toner
*A herbal toner which helps to clean the last residue from your face while treating it from impurities.*
At the beginning of the week I had some impurities. Three small pimpels healing, dry flaky patch and a small infected clogged pore. The product has two parts. One transparent part and one pinkish powdery part, which means you have to shake it well before use. My skin was already clean from my basic skincare routine and then I put it on a wipe and start tracing my face and directly saw something epic happening to my face :O You know the effect of cc cream etc that you balance out the unevenish in your skin. Well, I have around my eyes and cheek some greyish glow in my skin. Makes me look ill and tired, very annoying, But this product made my skin even! It toned down the grey part. I thought maybe it covers something so I tried to wipe my face again with another product but nothing came off. Everday now it evens out my skintone and I look fabulous. I would go shopping with a no makeup face like this so yeah I'm happy! The scent is a the same as the spray, but 100 times softer and hardly noticeable. My impurities are almost all gone, two are remaining on healing. This I would repurchase!

Other type of products for other topics I would review with pictures ;)
I hope you found this review helpful :)