16 April 2015

Jolse Order #8 Part 2: Skincare, Nails etc Haul & Review

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House holika holika nature republic honey mask hair nails
Part two!
A while ago I've received another epic order from Jolse with lots of Etude House products and one Holika Holika product. So this is part two and I forgot to mention there will be another product in here reviewed from the brand Nature Republic... but why is it not included in the picture,, you'll soon find out! :D This haul & review will about hair care, skincare, nails and more. So if you want to only see make check out part one!

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector
Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector 
$9.98 / 150ml / Link to product
Heat Protect Complex (Argan oil & Coconut Oil, Shea Butter ) cover each hair fully. So it prevents the hair from heat of hair styling products. Bamboo fiber makes the hair style last for a long time. Amino Acid in it makes the damaged hair healthy. So you can use this as a hair essence.
 How to use
Before doing hair styling, Apply proper amount & spread it on the dry hair . And then use heat hair styling products ( hair dryer etc)

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector
My first heat protector ever! What?! yes I hardly ever straighten my hair and I didn't care for such things. But now I want to try to make more looks with it; blow dry it in shape, straighten it, curl it and I do not want to visit my hairdresser the next month after. So I really wanted to give it a try! I don't really "see" how it is protecting my hair but my ends are still straight like I've just been from the hair dresser and it's been on the 27th of January. So it still looks fabulous so my guess,, it works! xD Also what I absolutely love about this product that you can also use it as a serum, essence whatever you want to call it. You have those days when you wake up and you have very weird, dry frizzy puffy ends and you hardly an control them; Just a tiny bit of this in your ends and it's gone. You will have the most silky, smooth and shine (not icky or sticky!) in your ends. It doesn't makes your hair greasy at all. It does feel like sticky hair product on your hands but that is gone the moment you apply it in your hair. I was looking for so long to find the perfect hair thing to fix my frizz in my ends; I'm sóó going to repurchase this! 

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger holika holika Honey Sleeping Pack canola
Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack - Canola
$12.95  $11.65 / 90ml / Link to product
Honey Sleeping pack contains actual 40% of honey. It helps to make elastic and smooth skin texture like honey in the next morning. Canola, that plentifully includes vitamin & beauty ingredients, makes bright skintone. It has 20% of Canola honey extract + 20% Honey
How to use
Apply an appropriate amount onto your face to pat to absorb. After staying overnight, wash away with water.

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger holika holika Honey Sleeping Pack canola
Guess why I bought this xD I just needed to have this super cute glass jar in my life and the product in it also comes in handy because it's a "honey" mask. The scent is to die for! Not true honey like what you put on your bread or something. It smells like crushed soft flowers in flower honey :D It apply like rich gel cream and stays on the surface for a while like a basic gel mask. After a short while your skin will absorb it for 90% my guess, because I always wake up with a little extra shine on my face. I feel that my skin really loves the moist and it leaves is super soft after. The moist it gives it right enough and won't give you milia or a sweaty face! I will repurchase this, probably the canola but maybe also another type. Plus the label is a sticker so the entire jars is reusable so I need more! :D

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House Help My Finger Pink Keratin Nail Strengthener
Etude House Help My Finger Pink Keratin Nail Strengthener
$6.98 / 10ml / Link to product
Protects nails from being broken by Keratin. Vitamin A,B,C helps to form Keratin in Nails. So It makes nails stronger & grown well without being broken. Forms Protein of nails with Amino Acide Amino Acide which is one of protein constituents makes broken or damaged nails healthier & softer. Boosts the growth of nails with Seaweed Extracts Seaweed Extract which have rich Vitamins & Iron helps to boost the circulation around nails.
How to use 
Apply onto clean fingernail alone or as base coat before applying nail color.

I truly love this product I've used it a few times now and my nails keep on growing and won't break...Finally! When I hold my hand upside down, you can see 3mm of nail showing. This took my so long. They were constantly breaker and chipping. Since I use this, they won't! I mostly just wear this when I don't wear any color on my nails. Also I don't use this for base coat because I try to have less layers else on my nails the polish rolls off. It has a slight coral pinkish color in it which makes it very nice to just wear it daily. Also it has a super high shine finish, this is also why I haven't photographed it in this sunlight. You wouldn't see the coral pinkish color because of the shine. It dries very vast and last long on your nails (longer than regular nail polish on mine) I think the way I'm using this I would set my own record to empty my very first nail product in my life! So yeah, repurchase!

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House Play Nails Happy New Year pink 360
Etude House Play Nails Happy New Year - #350
$4.98 / 8ml / Sold out
New year's 2015 play nail edition with lovely pink colors. New upgraded adhesive brush helps you to apply colors more evenly.
How to use
First apply base coat, Second apply desired color 2 times for nail coloring, and third apply a top coat.

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House Play Nails Happy New Year pink 360
When I saw this color available I needed to have this, because it's the perfect spring blossom/ lingerie pink you just need in your nail polish collection! Yes and to wear "now"; our Cherry Blossom just began to bloom yesterday :D It dries between quick and average. one downer for me that it has a bit of a matt finish, and like you know I don't love the matt trend in beauty world. You also have to apply 2 coats, else you can see your nail shine through. When My nails need new polish I'll try this one with the nail strengthener from above because that one has a super shine finish. But I love the color and I always love Etude House nail polishes. I will and have bought other nail polishes already from them, the love stays on strong! 

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House GOBACK Vitality Massager  activating
Etude House Goback Activating Massager
$8.98 / 1ea / Link to product
Ceramics massager that helps skin activation. Boosts absorption of skin care products with ceramics massager that is good for skin. Massages sophisticatedly even the untouchable areas with hands. Easy to massage with various angles and sophisticated protrusion. Size that is easy to grip with one hand
How to use
After applying product of jelly-like texture, hold the massager with one hand and massage to desired areas. Apply content thick if you'd like to massage for a long time. Check the link for the recommended massage order

I really wanted to try out a Asian massager like this, I've seen it around a lot. You always see these Jade kind of ones, my sister even haves one. I wanted a "deluxe" one, and thought this ceramic one looks gorgeous and so chic! I've been using this for a while now, it is getting used to though. I follow the steps it's been giving by Etude House and it truly doesn't hurt you that much, that people say you would. Yes you skin would turn red a bit, but you don't need to scrape your bone, you need to scrape your skin along the lines ;) Also I think it works very fine with gel creams (like my Calmia Rooibos one and others from Memebox) I do feel my skin feels tighter and well circulated (plump)! The massager is made from ceramic but as you can see; it has a shine finish, which makes it soft to feel and have in your hands. Repurchase? No, you only need one, but recommend: yes, I love it!

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Etude House BAKING POWDER Pore Cleansing tissue
Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Tissue
$7.18 / 30pcs / Link to product
 Tissues formulated with natural baking powder and cleansing oil removes deeply imbedded makeup and residues from pores for a deep cleanse. Natural Baking Powder : Pore Cleansing. Grape Seed Oil : Antioxidant Moisture Care
How to use
Blot out from point makeup to base makeup lightly.

I love cleansing tissue in general, I find these things so useful to clean you face as first step when you wear makeup. It saves you from buying more cleansers etc! The scent is very soft and I think the scent is well matched with the brand. I've never smelled cleansing tissues like these. The scent is pleasant. I recently love to wear that face blur with a little bit of bb cream to bring a bit more color and other types of powder products with it. It easily takes it all off for like 80%. I don't use it for my eyes because I have other product for that. The other 20% you don't see with your eyes but is probably stuck in your pores lol, because my Clarisonic is a bit dirty after cleansing. Btw one time I was so lazy I just skipped my entire skincare routine and just used one tissue and took of my "daily dirt", It does help with that too! ;) I like them, but is it a must have, no. I never say that cleansing tissue is a must, just handy! ;)

Jolse order Korean cosmetics haul review 2015 skincare beauty blogger Nature Republic Bee Venom Mist Essence free gift sample
FREE GIFT - Nature Republic Bee Venom Mist Essence
Get It Beauty facial mist #1, bee venom complex 98%, salicylic acid, pore & dead cell care, possible to use on makeup, especially for sensitive skin, 5 free(paraben, mineral oil, synthetic perfume, tar, benzophenone).
How to use
Morning & evening, after cleansing, spray for 2 seconds. tap softly. re-apply on makeup.

First thank you so much for this gift! <3 I have received this because I've spend more than $100 in their shop and then with their Gift Plan you can choose your own gift from the selected options! I've chose this one because you know me I love everything about...honey, bee, venom lol, hexagon, bears, flowers etc and I love mists! This mist is epic and I finally found out what the thin is with mists! So mists in a bottle with a pump you can screw off have harsher sprays. It sprays to spray mist but it sprinkles water on your face in drops. A mist in a aerosol can creates that true "haze" mist. I'm so happy with this mist, the feeling on my face is epic, never felt anything like it. Also the scent is so soft and nature like. It also has a hint of frankincense or something which makes it calming and different from other mists I've ever smelled! I absolutely love it and it was a gift, but I would repurchase it in a second! :D

Part 1
In part one I'll show you all my makeup items from this order and more! In that post you'll only see product from Etude House :) 

Jolse cosmetics korean haul review youtube video etude house wash off pack tony moly egg pore blooming lips princess scrub cute pink cheap products summer
Click the picture above to visit the web shop!
This is my favorite Korean online beauty store! I recommend you really take look! They have very affordable prices, awesome deals, free shipping worldwide and they are super sweet!! Also they now have 10% off Innisfree and Holika Holika for the entire week!

I really hope you enjoy this haul & review. If you want more, don't worry I have more hauls coming and I'll never stop shopping on their website! ;)

See you in my next Jolse haul!