09 August 2015

Cosmetic Love Etude House, Innisfree & Secret Key Haul

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul hair brush any cushion pearl aura slimming mousse roll spray beauty baking powder
Haul time!
A while ago when Cosmetic Love renewed their website, I've ordered this all because they had 15% off everything to celebrate! This post will be a haul without real review, sure I'll add the reason why and first impression. Some items are repurchases :D I hope you enjoy!

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul hot style hair spray ultra hard
Etude House - Hot Style Hair Spray
$9.94 / 300ml / Link to product
Ultra Hard Hair Spray. Pro vitamin and Keratin protein ingredients to protect your hair.

Why and...
I actually didn't had a hair spray! I want and have straightened my hair a few times and when I do I really need to tame my baby frizz on the sides :) I haven't used it yet because I misplaced it!

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul cool body creatir slimming mousse
Secret Key - Cool Body Creator Slimming Mousse
$15.45 / 150ml / Link to product
Firm and beautiful body line. TokTok! Mousse : Using a unique feel. Irritation to the skin, enjoyment! Moisturizing and soothing effect. Became susceptible to summer skin/ Immediate cooling gel cool bubble effect.

Why and...
Repurchase! This stuff is really amazing and shortly after I've posted my Instagram video about how it works and how crazy it is, I saw that it was sold out on the other shop I bought it from. So I went here and got myself a second one right away! It's popping goodness and so refreshing for after or before an exercise!

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul paddle hair brush dry hair brush eco beauty tool
Innisfree - Paddle Hair Brush & Dry Hair Brush
$8.94 / 1ea / Link to Paddle Brush & $6.45 / 1ea / Link to Dry Brush
*You will receive these brushes when you buy them, not the ones they show on the picture, those are from an other collection.

Why and...
I always wanted a paddle brush and a dry hair brush. The paddle brush to just softly smooth out your hair & make it shine and the dry brush to help and create volume & curl when I would blow dry my hair. Why buy these and not budget from whatever-store around the corner; I was drawn by the wood of the brushes! It looks to pretty!

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul precious mineral any cushion pearl aura 21 light beige
Etude House - Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura Special Edition - #21 Light Beige
$18.94 / 15g / Link to product
This flawless cushion foundation with Pearl Brightener creates pearly aura skin with its full coverage and glowing effects. Special Edition: free gift of special puff included.

Why and...
Now I have two! I really wanted this special puff but had no reason to have a second pearl case. Then I received those DIY decoden sets and then I had a reason to buy this. Check here what I made of this any cushion case. It's really my most precious case now! Also These any cushions are my daily go to face makeup, so having extra is never a bad thing!

Etude House - My Beauty Tool Hair Roll - Size L & M
$3.94 2x 3ea / Link to L item & $3.94 / 2x 3ea / Link to M item
Great for curling the bangs and for wavy-style hair! The hair rolls made even more convenient with the clips.

Why and...
The strawberry hair curlers didn't work so good with my hair, so I wanted to try out these. I like it that these have clips to hold the rolls. with the strawberry ones I had to play with bobby pins, which was very annoying. I hope these will curly my hair and are easy to use :D

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul baking powder pore cleansing tissues oil type
Etude House - Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Tissues (Oil Type)
$7.94 / 30pcs / Link to product
Cleansing tissues formulated with baking powder and cleansing oil to gently exfoliate skin and penetrate pores to mremove facial residues for a thoroughly cleanse.

 Why and...
I had not lost cleansing tissues I got in my Memeboxes and so was desperate in need of new ones! From all the ones I've bought in my life (Nivea and these), I loved these the most. Also because it closes very good. After I ordered I've found all my Memebox cleansing tissues again xD So I keep this one closed until those are empty.

Cosmetic Love Etude House Innisfree Secret Key Haul hair brush any cushion pearl aura slimming mousse roll spray beauty baking powder 2
Free Samples!
They always give samples, mostly a few from one or two products. They have affordable prices and  wrap their products nicely, and offer free and save shipping! 

I hope you have found this haul helpful, see you in my next one!