26 September 2016

Sulwhasoo - Perfecting Cushion Brightening - #17 Light Beige Haul & Review

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening #17 Light Beige Haul Review korean beauty blog blogger 설화수
Pricy... Is it worth it?
I've tried Korean low & medium end cushions in the past, I also have to try out a high end one. I really liked the packaging and what others said about it. You can hear my "final thoughts" already in my late April favorites video. I kind of forgot to give a full review on my blog about it, so here I am! Are you ready for my review?!

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening #17 Light Beige Haul Review korean beauty blog blogger 설화수
Sulwhasoo - Perfecting Cushion Brightening - #17 Light Beige
$47.58 / 15g x 2 / Link to product
Perfecting Cushion Brightening takes a deeper approach to treat and vitalize skin for brilliance that stays. Inspired by the radiance of blossoming magnolia flowers, it's formulated with Magnolia Extract, a skin-brightening ingredient that reduces the appearance of discoloration and promotes more even-looking skin. Wake up to the light refreshing scent of fresh magnolias. A Pearlescent Complex created from extra-fine pearl powders gives skin an immediately luminous look. Sulwhasoo’s unique purified water with licorice extract further purifies the skin so it looks clearer and cleaner. The result is a flawlessly clear and even complexion that looks brilliant immediately, and over time.

* Unique, flexible film-fixing polymer offers a thin protective barrier for a flawless finish that lasts up to 12 hours.
* SPF 50+ protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause photo-aging. Full-size refill included.

How to use
Use a puff to press into the cushion firmly to pick up foundation. Then, using a stamping technique, pat puff with foundation onto skin evenly, starting from the middle of the face then outwards. For more coverage desired, apply another layer onto areas needed. Use daily in the morning after skincare regimen as your makeup step. Reapply throughout the day for sun protection.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening #17 Light Beige Haul Review korean beauty blog blogger 설화수
I've chosen the shade #17 Light beige, since my skintone is very pale with a neutral undertone. You also have two lighter colors; #11 pale pink and #13 light pink. mostly I always go for the most lightest shade but these both had a pink undertone which would look weird on my skin, I think. If they had a 13# light beige I would choose that, but #17 is fine. I took these pictures in spring, it's September now; I got a teeny tiny tan from summer and this cushion matches my skintone better now.
Dry patch problem... I've bought this cushion in winter time and directly thought; "waste of money!" This cushion clings on to dry patches very badly. Which is weird since I read online and watched on youtube people say: it's so amazing and I have dry skin. Pff honesty me *ss! So this cushion is not great for dry skin! This cushion works for me in spring & summer since my skin isn't so dry then. But there is another problem for me. With every season shift I get a flake nose xD I don't why! I told you last times there was a heat wave.. it's over now and we are heading into fall = flaky dry nose. I try and scrub, peel and moisturize but it takes some time to find balance again. During this time this cushion stays in the drawer! So suitable skin type for this cushion: normal to oily and patch free!
The finish is semi matte with a glow from within, very natural. On dry skin it's too matte and dry looking. The scent is perfumy and soft, not epic but good. The coverage is light to medium and it feels lightweight on the skin. The application with the puff is like any other cushion foundation, just tap it on. But I've found it works better if you press the puff into the cushion, spread the products of the puff 5 times over your face and blend it in with the original beauty blender. You get a much prettier and natural finish! Also using the beauty blender your dry patches are less visible.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening #17 Light Beige Haul Review korean beauty blog blogger 설화수
Hello :)
My March flaky dry skin face(picture above): you can kind of see how matte and dry my skin looks.
My end of April, much healthier and hydrated face(youtube): My skin looks normal and has a natural glow.

Cushion case match?
I always check which cushion refill fits in which cushion case from other brands.
The Sulwhasoo refill fits in the Etude House cushion cases (not the flat net ones), but the Etude House refill are too fat for the Sulwhasoo cushion case.
The Sulwhasoo refill fits in Laneige cushion case and the Laneige refill also fits in the Sulwhasoo cushion case.
All other cushions I own do not match the Sulwhasoo case or the other way around.

Would I repurchase?
This one, maybe in late spring again when my skin doesn't have dry patches, but probably not. Maybe I'll try the new Intense version from Sulwhasoo out one time. But for now I'll stick to my Lancôme Miracle cushion since that is very similar, feels even better on the skin and doesn't clings onto dry patches like this one.

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)