23 January 2017

The Saem - Chocopie Hand Cream Strawberry BAD Review + short life update!

The Saem  Chocopie Hand Cream Strawberry BAD Review k beauty blogger korean skincare cute
This hand cream was on my wishlist for so long, but I just hadn't had a good reason to buy it yet. Then on Black Friday it was on sale at TesterKorea with a bunch of other stuff I needed, so I got it! Also I use this little rage review to tell you a little about something amazing that happened the moment I wanted to write my new blog post which didn't happen. LOL... curious read further ;)

Something amazing!
When I was ready to start writing a new blog post for past Friday, I've checked my email before getting into "blogging mode", like I always do. Then I read this title: "Congratulations..." (Which would normally appear in a spam section) Then I've read what the congratulations were about and OMG that was about a giveaway which I've entered on Wednesday! I've won this amazing, insanely huge prize! I've spent my entire Friday and weekend using this prize and super soon I'll make a separate blog post about it and showing what it was and is ;)

Now away with the smiles, let's rage!
The Saem  Chocopie Hand Cream Strawberry BAD Review k beauty blogger korean skincare cute
The Saem -  Chocopie Hand Cream - Strawberry
35ml / $5.14 at TesterKorea / $7.63 at Jolse
The highly moisturizing hand cream containing polyphenol-rich Theobroma cacao seed Butter keeps skin healthy for long hours as it is absorbed fast into skin without any sticky feel, thanks to the melting system technology.
How to use
Evenly apply an appropriate amount hands whenever skin feels dry and gently pat to promote absorption to skin.

The Saem  Chocopie Hand Cream Strawberry BAD Review k beauty blogger korean skincare cute
**** this product, seriously I had so high hopes for this. I'm a super duper strawberry scent fan. I always buy cosmetics when it has strawberry scent, don't matter if it's realistic or chemically, I love both types of strawberry. BUT THIS. This is nothing like strawberry at all! When I opened this I smelled the most horrible chemical scent ever, I really got nauseous from it. When I tried sniffing through the layers of the scent, I found more and more gross scents. All the way at the bottom of the scent I get maybe a weird-chemically-mutated-sad strawberry, which you don't get if you sniff the scent fast. To be clear the chemical scent I smell is not a chemical strawberry scent. It's really some sort of weird horrible chemicals I smell. I had put it away, thought it was me. So a month later I sniffed it again and I got so sick of the scent. It didn't smelled like it gone bad or anything, just like a science project gone wrong. 
So I threw all the cream out and washed it, because I love the freaking adorable packaging! Can always use it for something else. I had so high hopes for this cream because I love the Marshmallow version so, super duper much! Here is my review on that one. That one I really recommend, it's fluffy, smells amazing and so moisturizing. Compared to this one; the strawberry smells, is thin; like thick lotion and I don't want it's moisture because it stinks.

Do I recommend?

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)