16 February 2017

Espoir - Moody Bloody lipstick Nowear S - WN601 Wild Wish Review

Espoir Moody Bloody lipstick Nowear S Wild Wish Review korean k beauty bloggger 에스쁘아 립스틱 노웨어 S 와일드 위시
"Hoard a room full of black purple stuff ...wild enough?"
Here is another black purple amazing thing which I'm gonna review for you. I almost throw it out because it was misbehaving. It turned out that I was! I'm very happy I solved the issue and I got an awesome lipstick now. No more confusing chit chat, let me explain it in this review.

Espoir Moody Bloody lipstick Nowear S Wild Wish Review korean k beauty bloggger 에스쁘아 립스틱 노웨어 S 와일드 위시
Espoir - Moody Bloody lipstick Nowear S - WN601 Wild Wish
The price is different everywhere. I got mine at TesterKorea for $16.23, but this color is sold out. Here is the same collection with different colors. The wild wish color you can still get it on Ebay
Semi-matt lipstick that adheres softly to the lips without feeling heavy.
There is not much to go on with the information, sorry.

Espoir Moody Bloody lipstick Nowear S Wild Wish Review korean k beauty bloggger 에스쁘아 립스틱 노웨어 S 와일드 위시
The color is absolutely gorgeous, even slightly deeper in real life (with no daylight lamps facing the color). The color looks very intimidating in the packaging but when you apply it's much more wearable. I always love to wear dark colors as a gradient, but I never use concealer to hide the edges of my lips. I don't really like that look.
The packaging is simple but beautiful and the lit has a magnetic closing system. That makes it feel really luxurious. 
I received this last year and made the pictures for this post in the time when I was testing the Aritaum - Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask. I was not using the mask when I was taking these pictures lol, but my lips were effected by the horrible not effective effects of that lip mask I used every night, meaning it didn't healed my lips and kind of made it worse. (Not showing the failed swatch pictures) So when I applied the lipstick for the first gradient swatch photo, it looked okay... But when I applied it full on, it looked horrible. First you have the base tint of the lipstick like you see on my (NEW) gradient picture above on the left, then you have the creamy lipstick coat and then a clumpy dark bump situation on every chap I had on my lips. This lipstick didn't had a clue to work with my chapped lips. I thought it was the lipstick since my lips behaved well with other products I was testing out that day. So then I just tossed it aside, pff, expensive crappy lipstick.
After a while when I used the Laneige - Lip Sleeping Mask my lips healed and I tried similar semi matt lipsticks from another brand and found myself in 10% the same situation. Then I just thought ahh a little bit of my amazing DIY lip balm will fix this issue and suddenly I knew how to fix this Espoir lipstick.
My DIY lip balm is so amazing, not promoting, it's really the truth! This lip balm is so perfect for layering under lip products! I've tried Burts Bees and other great lip balms but they are way too creamy and mess up your lip look. My lip balm coats in super thin but highly moisturizing long lasting layers and they adhere both ways! So I applied this lip balm underneath my Espoir lipstick, and voila! See picture above on the right. 
Because of my lip balm the lipstick lasts also longer on my lips since like I said my lip balm adheres both ways (it hold the lipstick on its place). 
I'm really happy with this combination, but if I have to judge the lipstick on it's own; I think it's a bit over priced for a lipstick that only works on perfect lips or on top of a lip balm. Because if you have the slightest chip on the your lips, you will see it!

Would I recommend?
Yes & No
Yes when you wear this collection in summer, because then you don't have chapped lips so often. 
No when you wear this collection in winter, or yes if you use my DIY lip balm underneath it.

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)