26 November 2016

Skinfood - Beauty Recipe Sweet Pumpkin Soup Sleeping Pack Haul & Review

Skinfood Sweet Pumpkin Soup Sleeping Pack Haul Review 단호박 스프 슬리핑 팩 Beauty blog blogger korean kbeauty
Worst sleeping pack ever!
When I saw this pack I was sure I needed this in my life too. Everything with pumpkin is amazing, right? "NO IT'S NOT!" I didn't tried the Too Cool for school pack yet, but when this Skinfood pack arrived; I first used the Too Cool For School pack for long while and than very shortly this one! Ready for my review?!

Skinfood Sweet Pumpkin Soup Sleeping Pack Haul Review 단호박 스프 슬리핑 팩 Beauty blog blogger korean kbeauty
Skinfood - Beauty Recipe Sleeping Pack - Sweet Pumpkin Soup
88ml for $8.13 at RoseRoseShop
Contains steamed milk and pumpkin (sweet pumpkin) extracts to wrap skin with moisture!
Firm, healthy and resilient skin: It contains Korean pumpkin (sweet pumpkin) extract from pristine areas to create robust and healthy skin. It helps make skin vibrant with its soft oil texture while massaging and rolling.
How to use
After wash at night, take adequate amount and apply on the skin then gently tap for absorption. Wash face in the next morning.

Skinfood Sweet Pumpkin Soup Sleeping Pack Haul Review 단호박 스프 슬리핑 팩 Beauty blog blogger korean kbeautyReview
When I saw this pack I really thought it was so cute and super promising. I say this because I think Skinfood's wash off masks are amazing and all smell so yummy, then there sleeping packs must be great too right?! 
The scent is amazing, best scent I've discovered this year in skincare! The scent has 0% of pumpkin in it, but a 100% stewed pear custard scent. This scent is a 100% dupe of this product, which is my main daily dessert in fall. The scent fades fast after you've applied & massaged it into your skin.
The consistency is like a watery cream with a white color and orange hard dots. The cream spreads out fast and easy, kind of melts. For a normal cream you would say; With this pack I wasn't sure if "less is more" or "the more the better" so I tried both ways.
The feeling on the skin, no matter the amount you put on, feels very okay, not really wow. No matter how long you wait, this pack will not dry on the outside, your skin will feel wet and greasy all night!
The first night, I had a hard time falling a sleep with this mask, since it felt cold and wet and the crease between my chin and lips was itchy. Then in the middle of the night I woke up from the pain on my face. In every crease of my face this mask was burning painfully. Similar kind of burning when you have a tearing eye that will not stop (for whatever reason) and you skin stays wet and dehydrates at the same time. So in every crease of my face it burned like that; my eye crease (didn't say avoid eyes and I apply everything always on my eyes), between my chin and lips crease and the crease under my nostrils.
So I washed it of immediately and I needed lukewarm water else it wouldn't go off my face. The next morning I had a dry patch on my eye lid (that's new!) and one under  one of my nostrils.
The next evening I thought let's put a thin layer on there and see for like 1 hour how it feels. Well same thing happened. It didn't dry at all. and when you would touch your face you fingers feel sticky and icky! Then it started itching in the crease between my chin and lips at first and then on my entire face it started to feel weird and slightly burning. more like a cold kind of burning. So I washed it off directly.

I kind of feel that because this pack doesn't it sort of dehydrates and irritates the skin in a way. I'm not sure if I got this science all right, but that's kind of how it feels; it sucks!
There weren't any other results than these, it did absolutely nothing good for my skin. 

Do I recommend?
Sadly because it smells so good, 
but seriously save your skin, don't buy this!

Check out my sweet dreams holy grail pumpkin mask!

I hope you've enjoyed and found my review helpful,
see you in my next post ;)